Shaming coronavirus lockdown protesters is petty hypocrisy

The coronavirus crisis has shut down the nation's economy. Now, protesters are out the trying to get government to open up the economy and let them get back to work. There are those who are chastising them as "selfish" or "idiots," but those doing the chastising likely aren't worried about whether or not they'll be able to feed their family tonight.

The coronavirus has effectively shut down the nation. There are places where life is still relatively "normal" with some people going to work and getting a paycheck, but millions of Americans are out of work, out prospects, and running out of hope. Many are turning to rallies and protests as a way to strongly encourage governors and mayors to lift the restrictions and open the states and cities for business.

There are counter-protests as well, and that's a good thing. I may not agree with them, but these counter-protests are just as constitutional as the protests they're protesting, so America is happening on the streets. What I wholeheartedly disagree with is the recent trend towards publicly shaming other Americans for their activities. They're shooting videos of people living their lives or protesting and then sharing these videos on social media. Rather than finding out why they're doing what they're doing, these trolls are simply hurling names at anyone who isn't as compliant as them. It's a farce.

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