Poll shows President Trump should become 'Champion of America's Reopening'

The people want the nation to open up for business and everything else. If President Trump starts echoing this sentiment, he'll win big in November.

Many if not most doctors, bureaucrats, advisers, scientists, and mainstream media talking heads are all echoing the same message: Keep the economy in lockdown. Thankfully, they only represent a tiny portion of the electorate. If President Trump wants to ensure his reelection in November, he'll stop listening to the so-called "experts" and start listening to a majority of the American people.

That majority wants the country to open up for business and everything else right now. The latest Marist Poll asked a simple question: "Due to coronavirus, do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea to have people return to work?"


58% of Americans believe it's a good idea for people to be able to go back to work immediately. All of us, at least all who choose to do so. While the question doesn't get into opening schools or other specific venues that would be necessary in order for people to also be able to generally go back to work, the sentiment is implied.

As Steve Deace from The Blaze noted, if President Trump were to take this information and become the "champion of America's reopening," it would help his chances in November dramatically.


As I noted in the latest episode of the NOQ Report, there are several reasons outside of the election for us to open up.
  • The coronavirus has been underwhelming with nowhere near the initial estimate of 1M-2.2M deaths in the United States.
  • The curve has been flattened. No infected American has gone without a necessary ICU bed or ventilator.
  • Choice should be the way to move forward, not mandates. Those who want to stay locked down will not have people with guns banging on their doors demanding they go out into the dangerous world.
  • Private businesses and private citizens are generally much better at making decisions than government.
  • The lockdowns didn't work.
  • Depression, drug overdoses, and suicides are likely skyrocketing, though nobody is reporting the numbers because they go against the lockdown narrative.
  • Those who are not directly dying as a result of the lockdowns are still experiencing great hardship.
If the Trump campaign really wants to win in November, they'll encourage President Trump and the White House to stop listening to the so-called experts and start listening to the American people.

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