Insider John Paul Rice exposes child sex trafficking rampant in Hollywood

This blockbuster interview from the producer of six Hollywood films blows the whistle on not only Tinseltown, but other industries as well.

Hollywood has a child sex trafficking problem. And it's not just creepy movie moguls passing around young girls and boys like candy. There seems to be a darker predicate, one that has demonic ties. This is the biggest takeaway from this blockbuster interview with John Paul Rice from No Restrictions Entertainment on the latest episode of the NOQ Report.

But Hollywood isn't alone. Rice, who has insider information that stems from his time "following the money" behind this elicit and ubiquitous evil, says the American music industry is actually worse than Hollywood. He says the tendrils of this plague stretch into big business and even the realms of government. When we cross-reference his whistle blowing to past tales of hideous sexual crimes against children, we see a pattern emerging. There is evil abound in these industries and the power to cover it all up is monumental.

We also discussed QAnon and the fact that he's not necessarily a supporter but appreciates the common goals of exposing what's really happening behind the scenes. Unified in mission even if not in style, the advice of Rice mixed with the broad push of QAnon both head in the same basic direction. There is a serious problem that is bigger than the vast majority of Americans realize and only through revealing the truth can this problem ever hope to be solved.

One of the most recent films Rice produced, A Child's Voice, has been removed by Amazon. This movie is not the only one. It seems any movies or documentaries that depict not only the evils of child sex trafficking in the United States plus the demonic blood sacrifices that are part of this elicit business are quashed. Suppression of this truth couldn't have come at a worse time as many Americans are now searching for information about Jeffrey Epstein, Wayfair, and Ghislaine Maxwell, all of which pertain directly to Rice's movie.

As long as the realities of child sex trafficking in Hollywood, the music industry, government, and big business are relegated to "conspiracy theories," many will keep their eyes shut. We must open them, and John Paul Rice is helping to do just that.

Patriots stepping up to save independent media from COVID-19 woes

We were on the verge of a disastrous end, but you guys have been stepping up big time. We're almost there.
This year has been a roller-coaster ride for tens of millions of Americans. We've experienced the hardest economic downturn in history thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns and many are still trying to recover. We're among them. Despite record-breaking surges in traffic, our revenue has fallen dramatically. It's strange knowing that we're working harder and getting the truth out to more people, yet revenue on the site plummeted.

We have called on our patriotic readers and podcast listeners to pitch in what they can to help. The outpouring of support has been tremendous and extremely humbling. As a conservative, I have a hard time "begging" for funds to keep our news outlet running, but COVID-19 lockdowns and subsequent reduction of revenues have made it necessary. Nevertheless, the last month has shown us that patriots appreciate pro-American news as a contrast to the anti-American mainstream media outlets spreading lies incessantly.

We asked for help and you guys have been delivering. We raised over $3200, enough to keep us going for the rest of August and part of September! I cannot stress how much of a blessing this has been for not only NOQ Report as an organization but also for my family. This isn't a hobby; we operate NOQ Report and all of the podcasts associated with it as a more-than-full-time job. Every day we're producing tons of content and spreading the truth that mainstream media refuses to report. Even when they do report it, they do so with a leftist slant while pretending to be unbiased. We do not use subterfuge. We are unabashedly conservative in our opinion but the news we report is factual. It all comes from a conservative, America First perspective, but we do not lie.

This isn't about propaganda. If it were, we would be no better than the mainstream media outlets we abhor. Instead, we focus on the truth because we know that being honest gives us credibility. Besides, conservatives almost always have the truth on our side.
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