At DNC, Joe Biden gave Republicans the gameplan with which to beat him

The former Vice President's speech at the Democratic National Convention focused on "orange man bad" while avoiding the all-important notion of policy. What are they trying to hide?

It's official. Joe Biden's presidential campaign starts fully right now. His speech at the Democratic National Convention was just as many of us expected. It was loaded with appeals to those with Trump Derangement Syndrome and short on policy proposals. The few he mentioned were milquetoast. The ones he didn't mention are going to be his greatest weakness.

On social media, I still see many focusing on the "Dementia Joe" narrative. It's old. Admittedly, it's fun and I've done my fair share of pointing out his declining mental acuity. But moving forward, the focus needs to shift on the real weakness in the Harris-Biden ticket. It's what they refuse to discuss. This may be the first presidential campaign in modern history that actively hides its own policy proposals. Yes, they're that radical.

But before I discuss those, let's look at the reason it's time to shelve the "Dementia Joe" attack angle. I'm not suggesting we stop talking about his cognitive challenges, but it cannot be the main attack line because most potential supporters of the ticket won't care. They don't look at Biden as the guy who's going to be calling the shots, especially for the full four years. No, they see the country being run by Kamala Harris and the cabinet. It doesn't matter to them that Biden appears to be experiencing mid-stage dementia. He's just part of the ticket.

Within that ticket is a platform and within that platform lies the key to defeating the Democrats up and down the ballot. In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I discuss how we should move forward by highlighting the radical changes and lurches to the far-left that will come if they're given power. The policies they want to enact are the most extreme progressive ideas any presidential candidate has ever proposed. They make Barack Obama's ideas seem moderate. And a strong majority of Americans would not support them if they knew about them.

It's incumbent on us as patriots, social media users, journalists, and Americans to expose the policies of lawlessness, abortion on demand, gun confiscations, and coronavirus pandemic theater for what they are. We have the narrative on our side, but that narrative will no be spread by mainstream media. We have the truth on our side, but it must be us who gets it out there. Nobody's going to do it for us.

We have a plan. The path is clear. It's time to take the truth to the nation and expose Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the new Democratic Party for what it is: The most radical group of political extremists this nation has ever seen.

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