Scott Baio speaks out against Gavin Newsom and Democratic leadership

The conservative actor joined JD to discuss the current state of affairs.

Actor Scott Baio will not be running for office any time soon. He loves his family too much to put them through the negatives associated with being a politician or even running for office. But that was the only thing JD couldn't get out of the conservative Hollywood icon in the latest episode of the NOQ Report. As far as opinions about the leftist lurch by the Democratic Party and the feckless leadership of California Governor Gavin Newsom, Baio was ready and willing to express his thoughts.

One thing is certain: Baio's patriotic nature and love for this country are apparent with everything he does. His long acting career has not hampered his willingness to speak out, including last month's #WalkAway event in Los Angeles. And just as he did during his speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention, he did not hold back on his criticism of Democratic leaders who are trying to tear this nation apart.

Of particular and personal interest to Baio was the way the coronavirus lockdowns have prevented American families from living their lives as they should. Kids need to be in school, interacting with their peers. Adults need to be at work making a living and advancing their family's prosperity. We are a free nation, but it's often hard to tell when we look at the draconian mandates being placed on Americans today.

There is no career more scrutinized and often vilified from multiple fronts than being a conservative in Hollywood, but Scott Baio has risen to the challenge, embraced his worldview, and worked to bring truth to light.

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