Jeremy Boreing: 'You can't expect to win a cultural battle if you don't engage in the culture itself'

"The most dramatic need that needs to be filled is for conservatives and Christians to engage in culture."

America has been in the midst of a culture war for at least six decades. The left often denies this because to acknowledge it means exposing their plans while the right often ignores it in hopes that political solutions will slow the decimation of our values at a cultural level. But what often gets labeled as "progressive" is the manifestation of Cultural Marxism that continues to push us down an immoral, anti-faith, and anti-American path. It's no wonder there is a growing number of Americans, particularly among our youth, who have embraced the post-truth society in which gender is fluid, pre-born babies are removable appendages, and equality of opportunity is superseded by equality of results.

I had the pleasure of speaking with The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing in an interview that premiered on Freedom First Network. In it, he illuminated what he believes is the most important hole that conservatives and Christians need to fill in America today.

"The most dramatic need that needs to be filled is for conservatives and Christians to engage in culture," he said. "The great lie of the religious right in the 80s was that we could remove ourselves from the culture completely because we didn't like the direction in which it was trending, that we could sort of become a culture unto ourselves by emulating all the things that they do, only doing it much worse than they do it."

As conservatives, our focus on political solutions to cultural problems has turned culture against us. To be more specific, we have generally sought to mandate morality and common sense rather than appeal to the hearts and minds of those who have been sucked into Cultural Marxist ideologies.

Boreing continued. "That failed experiment, I think, is as responsible for where we are today as is the left. You can't expect to win a cultural battle if you don't engage in the culture itself."

There is a clear difference between complaining about what's happening culturally and actually engaging in the culture that is rapidly changing before our eyes. For example, we can complain all day about how radically slanted Hollywood has become with the vast majority of things they pump out as entertainment, but many of us then turn to Netflix or Disney+ to fill our evenings after a long day of lambasting leftists in Tinseltown on Twitter. Where are the conservatives who could be working together to create alternative entertainment options?

"What conservatives are very good at is commentating on the culture, being critical of the culture, reporting on the culture," Boreing said. "What we're terrible at is actually engaging with and creating culture."

This isn't something that has only sprung up recently. We've been engaged in this battle since the 1960s, but we've missed opportunities to guide culture by allowing the left to control the arenas in which culture is pushed forward. The education, media, and entertainment systems within our country are almost exclusively operated and propagated by leftists. By the time most children become adults, they've already been heavily indoctrinated into a progressive mindset that leaves them open to Neo-Marxist philosophies. Conservatives then try to sway them with logic and reason after these people have been indoctrinated, but it's already too late for many if not most. By the time we try to reach them with blog posts, videos, Tweets, or even direct conversations, they've already become fully invested in their manufactured leftist principles.

"The left engaged in a 50-year plan to undermine our fundamental institutions and take over the country, and they did it with a smile on their face—except when they didn't—and they did it by engaging directly in culture until they were the culture," Boreing said.

Conservatives can complain incessantly about how backwards modern culture has become, but until we get our hands dirty and engage in creating culture, our arguments will fall on deaf ears.

Listen to the whole interview on the latest NOQ Report Podcast.

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