Marjorie Taylor Greene wants people to 'speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is'

"I want people to understand that they have to rip the duct tape off their mouth and they have to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is."

Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to Capitol Hill. Georgia's 14th district voted for Donald Trump in 2016 by a 50-point margin. It's one of the reddest districts in the nation and as the Republican nominee, it's her seat already. But that doesn't mean she stops campaigning. There are bigger fish to fry.

First and foremost, Georgia is quickly turning purple and is now considered to be a swing state by most election prognosticators. Currently, President Trump has a 2-point edge in the polls, so he'll need every vote from Republicans, even in "safe" districts like GA-14. The Senate race is also a contentious one already with a real chance of flipping blue if Republicans don't come together and fight the purple monster attempting to engulf the state.

But the other reason she is still fighting hard to campaign and raise funds is because she has an important message to bring to the nation. As I learned in my interview for the latest episode of NOQ Report, Greene is not going to Capitol Hill to join the DC Country Club. She's going there to defend the Constitution, fight for the rights of the people, and bring proper conservative change to the nation's capital. She hopes to be a positive force within Congress as well as a conservative stalwart who can shift the Republican Party to the right.

We need to bring healthcare back under control of private industry. We need to fully fund and build the border wall. We need to completely defund Planned Parenthood. And of particular interest to Greene is the need to rein in the censorship that's currently being perpetrated by Big Tech. She experienced it herself yesterday when her Twitter account was suspended over calling for face mask mandates to go away, then she was warned by Facebook about her gun giveaway promotion. Conservatives on Capitol Hill have been discussing doing something about Big Tech censorship. Greene wants to go to Capitol Hill and take action on Day 1.

There were many impressive aspects of this interview worth discussing, but it was a story she told that was truly captivating. She wants to be able to tell her grandchildren and even great-grandchildren that when socialism and communism reared their ugly faces in America, she stood up and helped to fight back against the Marxists. She says we can all do our part in fighting them if we are willing to speak boldly by speaking the truth. That story by itself is worth hearing.

Georgia needs a fighter representing them in DC. America needs constitutional conservatives doing what's right against the rising Marxism spreading through the left faster than a pandemic. Marjorie Taylor Greene fills both important needs.

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