Canceling Netflix over 'Cuties' is the most important battle in the culture war today

The culture war is focused now on Big Entertainment and their support for child exploitation and the conservative principles that should be universal.

This is the culture war. It's right in front of our faces. The movie "Cuties" now playing on Netflix is nothing short of pedophile-fodder that is being used, literally as you read this, by some sicko for his pleasure. That's how perverse many scenes in this movie are.

#CancelNetflix was trending yesterday as many concerned Americans called for financial punishment against the entertainment company. On the latest episode of NOQ Report, we did what we said we were going to do. We canceled live on the air. We strongly encourage everyone who reads this article, watches the video, or hears the podcast to do the same. Hashtags aren't enough. Righteous indignation won't cut it this time. We have to act, and that means Netflix getting cancellation notices from the masses.

If they are not severely hurt by their decision to air this filth, we have lost the battle in the culture war. It's that simple. The pain must be tangible and enduring. Otherwise, we're just doing it to feel good about ourselves. Meanwhile, cultural Marxism will continue to spread. It will continue to win.

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The second segment can be summed up with this Tweet:

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There are few things we've done this week more satisfying than cancelling our Netflix account live on the air. This war against Cultural Marxism has a target we can truly affect immediately. It's incumbent on right-minded folks to take action.

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

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