Do you want to be controlled or do you want to be free?

That really is the only question voters have to answer before November.

We hear two things every presidential election year. The first thing is that it's "the election of our lifetimes." The second thing is, "it's the economy, stupid." The first one is more true than it's ever been in modern history. The second one is actually incorrect for the first time in modern history. Yes, the economy is important as it always is, but more Americans this year will be deciding their votes based on a completely different perspective. This year, many will be deciding based on their perspective of control.

This manifests in different ways. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots are about control. These "activists" want to control the narrative and shift the conversation, any conversation, to always be about their demands. Some Americans truly desire the types of controls these "activists" are demanding. They want to be told what to do in an effort to maintain their social justice credibility. Others want the freedom to drive down a highway with a reasonable expectation that "protesters" aren't causing mayhem and affecting people's lives by blocking the roads.

Another obvious element of control pertains to the coronavirus. Some people want everyone else to be mandated to wear face masks and social distance at all times and in all situations (other than Black Lives Matter protests, of course). Others want the freedom to open up the economy, send our kids to school, and live without face diapers.

On September 11, President Trump marked the day by retweeting a video by Samantha Marika. In the video, which we discussed thoroughly in the latest episode of the NOQ Report podcast, Marika makes a plea to people to open their eyes and stop buying into the mainstream media narratives about President Trump. She also called out Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans for making predictions that never came true through the President's first term.

"Cuties" is so blatantly perverse, even 4chan censored screenshots from the movie

Those who missed us canceling our Netflix account can see it here.

We're done, and anyone who does not support child sexual exploitation should be done with Netflix as well. The "Cuties" debacle is a clear indicator that the entertainment giant knows what it's doing and simply doesn't care. That's why multiple politicians, including Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, have called on Netflix to deliver explanations for their actions.

At least one notable Democrat has also called out Netflix.

As The Blaze reported, even IMDB is getting in on the defense of "Cuties."

It should tell you something that troll image board 4chan banned screenshots from the TRAILER of the movie because they were so sexually explicit, but Netflix has chosen to air the whole movie.

What everyone's missing from the ActBlue 'unemployed' donor scandal

Action Fund President John Pudner: "We found it took other vendors only a matter of hours to switch their system to allow verification of donations and thus prevent the possibility of illegal foreign money being moved into campaigns. Choosing to use an untraceable system has a higher cost in terms of the risk of credit card fraud and also tends to incur higher bank fees. And this untraceable system allows someone with a gift card to make donations in anyone's name, even if that person never actually made that donation, or even if that person doesn't exist at all."

48.4% of the Democrats' ActBlue donors last year were allegedly unemployed. By comparison, Republican-affiliated WinRed only listed 4%, which happened to be the national unemployment rate at the time, of their donors as unemployed.

While everyone seems focused on the risk of foreign donations, I pointed out that it's really the rich domestic donors who should be concerning us the most. Regardless of whether it's foreign or domestic entities piling in donations under fake names, it's illegal.

#BlueLivesMatter hashtag following LA ambush gets desecrated by radical leftists

That's bad enough, but the fact that Black Lives Matter "activists" tried to storm the hospital where the officers were being treated is even more hideous. But to top it all off, various leftists took to Twitter to take over the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag with the worst vitriol imaginable.

Democrats must abandon Teleprompter Joe for their own party's sake

Joe Biden uses a teleprompter. It's clear despite non-answers to questions about the practice. This bad for Establishment Democrats and even worse for Democratic-Socialists. The Establishment types should be embarrassed they nominated the guy knowing his election would be a disaster. Meanwhile, radical progressives should be concerned that if he wins, their movement will essentially be over. That's what happens when the predicate for your existence, namely a failure by the Establishment, is reversed by electing someone from the Establishment.

This is the most important election in over a century-and-a-half. There are so many issues on the table, but they all come down to one important questions. Do we want freedom or do we want to be controlled?

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

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