Mr. Big Tech, who do you think you are? Coronavirus censorship runs rampant.

In this episode of the NOQ Report, JD and Tammy discuss Lori Lightfoot, meteors, the New World Order, and Big Tech censorship during the coronavirus crisis.

Telling conservatives that Big Tech hates us is like telling an auto mechanic that oil is important for a vehicle to function. It's been quite obvious that Big Tech companies like Google, YouTube, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter have progressive agendas that require them to treat conservatives differently. But the coronavirus crisis has prompted some of them to ramp up their censorship and suppression efforts.

They have a narrative and an agenda. Are they all acting independently or is there something bigger happening? Tammy and I tackled these and other questions in today's episode of the NOQ Report Podcast.

We also discussed the New Hampshire Democrat who resigned after making a ludicrous attack on Tara Reade’s story. The Tweet was terrible and he paid the price, though likely not enough for how heinous his Tweet was.

Check out the now-deleted Tweet.

Could Democrats pull off a Clinton-Obama (or an Obama-Obama) ticket? The Hill speculated that it could happen with Hillary Clinton having Barack Obama as her running mate when they replaced Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. We speculated about a possible Obama-Obama ticket a la House of Cards.

An asteroid narrowly missed a communication satellite and nobody's talking about it. Except us.

Meanwhile, Larry Elder’s ‘Uncle Tom’ documentary shines light on Black conservatives. Looks quite awesome!

From Candace Owens being suspended from Twitter to Dr. Dan Erickson's interview being removed from YouTube to lockdown protesters' pages being taken down, the censorship of conservatives has never been more draconian, and that's saying a lot.

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