Do not let Democrats get away with the narrative that these riots are not their fault

The domestic terrorism that's taking place in multiple cities across this country can and must be attributed to the policies and actions of Democrats and their radical leftist base.

President Trump is going to be blamed, just as he's blamed for pretty much anything bad by Democrats and mainstream media. That's a common theme that has been pervasive throughout the last four years, and in the vast majority of cases this theme is false. It's not that the White House does everything perfectly, but they generally do what's best for America. Democrats, on the other hand, do not, and mainstream media is complicit in promoting the propaganda that they're innocent while Republicans are the ultimate form of evil in America.

The sad and avoidable death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of law enforcement should be a catalyst for police reforms, especially as they pertain to no-knock warrants. There is conflicting information about whether they had a no-knock warrant, but it's clear that they knocked and identified themselves before forcing their way into the house. As I noted yesterday, either execute the no-knock warrant or knock and wait. The fact that they did what appears to be a combination of the two likely contributed to Taylor's demise, but that's a discussion for another time.

What can be considered unambiguous is that Democratic policies and their feckless leadership in cities like Louisville, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Austin directly contribute to the rampant lawlessness. There's a very clear reason why these cities seem to be most vulnerable to domestic terrorism. All of them have Democratic "leadership" at the city level and usually at the state level as well. That should tell us something, but Democrats try to rebuke the insinuations while mainstream media ignores the correlation. It's 2020, so such things can be expected. That doesn't mean we have to accept it and it should definitely mean we need to fight back.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I talked about the dangers that Democrats pose to these cities and why we need to make sure voters are aware of these Democratic failures before the election. They are trying to spin this to be President Trump's fault. After all, it's happening under his watch. But despite claims by some conservatives that the President needs to supersede Democratic leaders in these cities and states, we need to be careful. If federal primacy engages in questions of law and order when Democratic mayors and governors denounce it, we could find we're wishing for something that is turned against us in the future. Imagine a hypothetical Democratic president who decides to use federal law enforcement on issues that should also be localized. We will not have a strong argument against it if some conservatives persist in calling for action by the President.

Federalism works for many reasons. One of those reasons pertains to law enforcement jurisdictions. It's incumbent on law enforcement, city, and state leaders to request assistance from Washington DC. We should oppose the federal government taking too proactive of a role in local law enforcement issues, including riots. We would oppose a national mandate on gun control, for example, and right-leaning cities and states should be able to choose whether or not to enforce such a mandate. But if a Democratic president decides to send in federal law enforcement to enforce it, we must be able to say with consistency that such things are wrong. To be consistent, the federal government must allow local, city, and state law enforcement to do their jobs without interference until they explicitly request assistance.

The real takeaway here pertains to the election narrative. It's imperative that we educate and inform those within our circles about the truth of these riots. They are happening in Democrat-run cities because Democrats embrace the spirit of lawlessness. This new variation of their party has allowed identity politics to suppress any sense of law and order they may have had. It's easy for Republicans to say that Democrats have always been this way, but that's simply not true. Democrats haven't always allowed their cities to be overrun by riots. They're just wont to do it today because the alternative—embracing law and order—puts them at odds with their base as well as with the big-money donors like George Soros who helped them get elected.

There is absolutely no reason why the people couldn't make the connection between Democratic leadership and the domestic terrorism spreading across this country. Still, many don't see it. We do everything we can to make them see the truth.

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