An unambiguous landslide victory for President Trump is the only hope for America

We can't squeak by with an Electoral College victory and think that everything will be fixed. We need to send a message that America wants the chaos to end.

There are three scenarios for the presidential election. Technically, there are dozens when we look at the likelihood of lawsuits, chaos, and a constitutional crisis in which Congress has to get involved with selecting the next president and vice president, but from an election perspective there are three. In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I took a deep dive into those scenarios, but here are the important takeaways.

The first scenario is a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory. This is, obviously, the worst case scenario, one for which I do not believe we will survive as a nation. As bad as Hillary Clinton would have been and as bad as President Obama was, this new Democratic Party is so radical, so unhinged, that even a "moderate" like Joe Biden being told to sign their bills if they have control of Congress is an existential threat. And if Republicans retain control of the Senate and/or take control of the House, Biden or Harris will be urged to spit out executive orders left and right. Our country will be changed for the worse by a Biden victory in ways that go beyond the damage President Obama did during his tenure in the White House.

The second scenario is better, but in the short term it will be disastrous. The domestic terrorism we're seeing today will be minuscule compared to the attempted revolution the radical left will initiate before, during, and after the election. As lawsuits fly and challenges are made, the Neo-Marxists behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa will go beyond burning down buildings and attacking police. They will engage in full-blown civil war and patriots will respond in kind. It will be uglier than anything we've seen in America since the 19th century. And while I believe President Trump's victory will empower him to do what is necessary to rein in the anarchists, they will do tremendous damage along the way.

The third scenario is the only acceptable solution to the problems facing America today. We need a landslide. We need the so-called "silent majority" to get loud, get bold, and send a message to the radical left that we're done letting them control the narrative. We're done with letting them drive a destructive agenda in our United States of America. That becomes exponentially easier with a landslide victory because fewer sensible Democrats and left-leaning Independents will be sympathetic or even join the anarchists.

The Neo-Marxists will push their revolution regardless of what happens with the election, but a landslide will prevent them from drawing very much support from the milder leftists. It's a numbers game and the only way we get the numbers on our side is to demonstrate that the vast majority of Americans support President Trump, embrace law and order, and want our economy to thrive once again.

Between domestic terrorism and attempts by Democrats to win the election after the election with mail-in ballots and a slew of lawsuits, there is only one scenario that brings hope. President Trump MUST win in a landslide. Leave no doubt.

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