4 reasons Ilhan Omar MUST be investigated immediately

In less than two years in office, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been involved in more scandals than just about anyone. Now, finally, she needs to be investigated thoroughly for her alleged participation in voter fraud.

Following the second in a series of videos from Project Veritas exposing ballot harvesting and voter fraud in Minneapolis, the crew was able to collect strong circumstantial evidence that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her campaign were directly involved in the scheme. She must be investigated by the Department of Justice immediately.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I described four reasons why this must be the case.

Faith in justice

There has never been a time in my memory when faith in justice prevailing in America was ever lower. Millions of Americans seem to no longer believe the justice system does its job properly. That's not even counting the leftist morons who believe police are too harsh. I'm talking specifically about the people who have seen Hillary Clinton get away with everything, Jeffrey Epstein never receiving the sentencing or questions he deserved, or those involved with Obamagate on the verge of being arrested.

We need this. We need the Congresswoman to be investigated at the very least and if she's found to have been involved, she needs to be charged.

Dissuade other ballot harvesting

This close to the election, there seems to be rampant ballot harvesting and non-stop voter fraud popping up everywhere. As I noted yesterday, there have been three known cases just in the last few days. How much of it is happening that we don't know about?

By going after those involved in this crime, it sends a message to not only others involved in voter fraud but also those who may be willing to otherwise take the payoff in exchange for their votes.

Find terrorists

So many have pointed to Omar as being connected to terrorist organizations. I have never talked much about it, not because I don't believe it's true but because there wasn't enough evidence to pursue. Now, there is.

Because she deserves it

She rivals the Clintons in her ability to face scrutiny without facing criminal prosecution. From marrying her brother to campaign finance indiscretions, she has skated the law multiple times in her short political career. This time, she cannot be allowed to skate.

America needs to see the good guys win some of these battles. Investigating Ilhan Omar will send a very clear message that those who want to destroy America and fraudulently influence the vote are not above the law.

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