Debate proves the time is now to stand up and stop being a silent majority

Many of us hoped Joe Biden would drool all over the microphone in the debate, essentially ending his chances of winning. That didn't happen, so it's do or die for us. We must keep fighting.

A prominent former member of the House of Representatives told a friend on his show that she was confident President Trump would win reelection because of the debate. This was two weeks prior and by her reckoning, Joe Biden would either not show up or embarrass himself once he got there. That didn't happen. He showed up. He didn't drool on the mic. He wasn't great by any means, but he sufficiently dispelled the notion that he is incapable of putting a complete sentence together.

Had he embarrassed himself thoroughly, it would have been like pushing the easy button for the President to win reelection. Since Biden was adequate, it's crunch time for Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who loves America to step up and make our voices heard. Democrats are cheating. We know this. We see reports of several mail-in ballots landing at homes even though the people do not live there anymore. In many instances, the people who are receiving ballots are no longer alive. This fact combined with ballot harvesting is how Democrats hope to win the election.

For President Trump to win reelection, we need to get real voters out for what would normally be a landslide. If we do this, we can win, but even then it would only be by a small margin thanks to the cheating done by Democrats. Never in our lifetimes has it been more important to not only vote and get others to vote, but to be vocal in our support for the President. As I noted in the latest episode of NOQ Report, the silent majority isn't going to cut it this time.

We need to fight for our country one way or another. We can fight now and make certain President Trump wins or we will be forced to fight in ways we don't want to think about if Joe Biden wins. Let's fight now.

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

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