The conservative alternative to Drudge: An interview with The Liberty Daily's Matthew Burke

The Drudge Report has gone to the left. An alternative is available that stays true to conservative news aggregation.

For two decades, Drudge Report was considered to be a destination for conservatives to find links to news that was important to them. The site was a staunch Trump supporter from the beginning, even going so far as to trash 2016 primary competitors while positioning candidate Trump as the one who deserved the Republican nomination for president. But shortly after helping the President win the 2016 election, Drudge Report performed a 180-degree turn, first by slowing on its coverage of the President, then by posting stories critical of him.

Over the last year or so, the site has been a full-blown shill for Democrats and a NeverTrump hotbed of fake news. Today's NOQ Report Podcast guest didn't really trust the Drudge Report long before the site went anti-Trump. So, he founded his own conservative alternative to Drudge Report, This news aggregator does what Drudge Report used to do, only better.

The site aggregates more than the top stories of the day. It also finds stories from sources most Americans aren't familiar with, making it as much of a discovery engine as it is a top news aggregator. The efforts are paying off as the site is approaching 10 million pageviews per month.

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