Analysis of hope and despair: The two possible scenarios of how this election ends

This election has been set up to have two possible conclusions. One is the best case scenario that was practically unimaginable a week ago. The other marks the beginning of the end of mankind.

I hate being dramatic. I really do. It's hard to tell that based on the articles, videos, and podcasts I've been putting out recently, but in my ideal world I'm sitting by a fire with my wife, a cup of coffee, and the sounds of nature barely filling the background as I write a common sense explanation of the evils of Modern Monetary Theory. But we're in bombastic times and my mood tends to match the spirit of the age. This current age, short as it has been since its launch with the coronavirus response, has been nothing if not absurd.

With that said, I see only two possible conclusions to this unpredictable election cycle, and both options are more dramatic than a Stanley Kubrick movie. Before I discuss those, let's lay out the facts as I see them. President Trump won the election in a landslide. With nearly 69 million votes, the vast majority of which were legitimate, an honest world would have him winning 38 states and planning his second term cabinet by now. But somebody had other plans, so they cheated. They're still cheating. We've seen impossible numbers coming out of places like Wisconsin and Michigan that point clearly to voter fraud on a massive scale.

We also know that the President and his team are fighting it. He has binders full of lawyers and investigators working the various cases right now. He may have the Department of Justice involved in some regard, though I hope it's a limited role. I no longer trust Attorney General William Barr any more than I trust FBI Director Christopher Wray, which is to say I don't trust either at all. My hope is that the team that helped him through impeachment plus a few dozen others are out there finding evidence of voter fraud, tracing back the roots, determining legal strategies, and most importantly preparing to do war with a mainstream media industrial complex that will do everything in their power to quash the truth.

The two possible scenarios can be determined by answering a single question: Who is the root source of the machinations to steal this election? If this is the Democratic Party Establishment bolstered by big money radical progressives with assistance from the Deep State, Big Tech, and mainstream media, then we have very good reason for hope. We've already seen how clumsy they've been with their attempts to steal the election based on how blatant their vote inflation was in the overnight hours following the election. As I noted yesterday, the fix is in and it's as obviously fabricated as a Jacob Wohl press release. They have overextended their efforts so greatly, it seems impossible for the President's team to not use this opportunity to expose extensive corruption.

If they do it right and make it unquestionable how badly the Democrats have pushed this conspiracy, then we may be able to see real change that stretches well beyond this election. It will be the biggest election scandal in history by far and will prompt investigations and, hopefully, arrests at every level from the lowest ballot pusher to the chosen scapegoats of the leftist elites. It will also set the stage for the House of Representatives to be retaken by the GOP in 2022, plus a chance of giving Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a filibuster-proof majority.

This, folks, is the best-case scenario, but that's not to say it's far-fetched. Perhaps the nuances are off a bit (arrests may be wishful thinking) but the overall effect is legitimate and worthy of hope. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario happens to be the only other viable option available. This is where we go into a very dark place.

If the answer to the question is not the Democratic Party Establishment but forces much higher on the worldly power scale, then we could be in big trouble. Put on your appropriate hat. If you're a Bible-believing Christian into eschatology, pull out your end-times fedora. If you're a conspiracy theorist, the stereotypical tinfoil hat is apropos. If you're neither, then you can skip the hat and cut straight to the cheese. Here... we... go.

If the forces at the core of this attempt to steal the election is a higher force than the Democratic Party Establishment, there may be no way to avoid the Harris-Biden victory that's coming. This "higher force" can be described in different ways, depending on your frame of mind. Christian eschatology believers would call it the powers and principalities from Ephesians 6:12, or even the forces of antichrist if you prefer. Conspiracy theorists would call it the New World Order or Illuminati. Everyone else would call them the world elite, whether that's George Soros' organizations, Chinese Communist Party affiliates, Deep State leaders, or any of the other potential culprits. Regardless of your frame of mind, this is very bad.

In short, enough money and influence put into this could mean no matter what the President's team uncovers, it will be dismissed by the left because mainstream media and Big Tech will preemptively paint it all as debunked. In our world where the "fact-checkers" are all leftists, a sufficient amount of pressure from the "higher forces" will have them set aside any remnant of credibility they had left in order to hide the truth. The American people would be evenly split in this scenario between those who believe the President and those who believe the media.

Some are saying they don't care because it will all make it through to the Supreme Court where conservatives have a majority. But let's be realistic. Chief Justice John Roberts will side against the President, leaving only one Justice for the "higher powers" to leverage in order to achieve their desired rulings. If it were just the Democratic Party Establishment behind this, I'd say the Supreme Court was above reproach. If it's the "higher powers," somebody on the right will likely get gotten.

Whether it's the clumsy and desperate Democratic Party Establishment or the forces of antichrist, our job remains the same. We must continue to expose the truth and, more importantly, pray for a righteous resolution to this election.

I rarely embrace conspiracy theories, but this one is almost certainly legitimate. President Trump needs as much help as he can get in order to expose it.

Our political system is not perfect, but it's been strong enough to last and thrive despite forces trying to take it down for a quarter of a millennium. A successfully stolen election will be the end of this nation.

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

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