Election night, explained: Here's why we firmly believe President Trump will win in the end.

This is the reckoning patriotic Americans have been hoping for since it appeared there was an attempt to steal the election. The truth is coming out, even if only some of it, but it seems to be enough to give Trump supporters hope.

Over the weekend, I had a semi-viral Twitter thread about what happened election night and beyond. It was partially censored by Twitter, of course, but not before hundreds of thousands of people read them. I even did a more comprehensive follow-up article that explained my rational. Now, on the latest episode of NOQ Report, I elaborated further with my lovely wife and co-host, Tammy.

Here are the Tweets:


Hope is important right now and being able to spread the truth is great. But mainstream media and Big Tech are suppressing the message. That's okay. In the end, it only matters what happens with the courts, and they'll side with President Trump.

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