The evidence of election fraud is huge and growing. Why are many MAGA folks worried?

Reminder: It's been a week since the election. Al Gore's supporters persevered through over a month of court battles before throwing in the towel. I expect more from MAGA.

They're censoring us. All of us. Even if you don't know it, if you're echoing anything on social media about voter fraud, you're being suppressed. It's subtle in some cases and very blatant in others, as we've seen with President Trump's Twitter account, but one way or another the message is not being allowed out.

Thankfully, Justice Clarence Thomas doesn't call Jack Dorsey for legal advice, nor does he check with Facebook experts on how to make decisions.

We have people like Matt Schlapp, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, and Doug Collins on the case. We also have hundreds of other attorneys and investigators working feverishly to expose voter fraud. It's going to happen. It just takes time.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I went over why I'm disappointed in so many MAGA folks already losing hope. It's understandable but not justifiable. We have time and we're putting in the effort to put an end to this theft of American sovereignty.

Their rush to proclaim Biden a victor is not indicative of confidence. It's fear. We need to keep this in mind at moments when we believe the odds are stacked against President Trump. In reality, he has them right where he wants them.

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