Lin Wood on Dominion Voter Systems: 'Soon people will be going to prison. Lots of people.'

Things are going much better than most realize for President Trump. Once everything makes its way to the Supreme Court, we will be redeemed.

Around the country, it seems many Trump supporters are losing hope. As we noted in a recent episode of the NOQ Report, we need to be patient. We're in week 2 of the effort to return the proper election results. George W. Bush had to wait 37 days before he was officially president.

Attorney Lin Wood retweeted a NOQ Report story two days ago that got tons of attention. In it, he noted that the evidence is irrefutable and that soon, people will be going to prison. Lots of people.

America is under attack. This is a coup. We all need to participate in fighting back. Thankfully, President Trump has an army of attorneys working to restore America's faith in the election system by returning the proper result.

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