Americans must blame government, not each other, for lockdown turmoil

Tensions are high. Let's direct our angst towards those who have caused this lockdown, not our fellow Americans who are going through it as well.

On today's episode of the NOQ Report, Tammy and I look at the aggression that is taking place between citizens. We're all being affected by this, but our anger needs to be pointed at the politicians who are keeping us locked away and the mainstream media puppets who are perpetuating the fear.

We also discussed President Trump going on an epic midnight rant against Lincoln Project RINOs, the hope that "Murder Hornets" don’t deserve the freak out treatment… yet, and how Joe Biden’s VP candidates perform MeToo gymnastics.

We're not all in the same boat. We're in different boats trying to make it through the same storm. It's important for Americans to focus our angst where it's deserved, not on our fellow lockdown citizens.

Show notes:

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod

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