Col. Rob Maness talks climate change, homeschooling, and opening America safely

Actually, he talked about a lot more than that, and it was enthralling.

Every now and then we get guests on the NOQ Report Podcast whose life experiences give them poignant insight into a wide variety of topics important to patriots. Today, we had such a guest in the form of retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Rob Maness. It was one of the most enlightening interviews we've done... and we didn't even touch on the coronavirus until late in the show.

Colonel Maness enlisted in the United States Air Force at the age of 17. He was one of the rare enlisted soldiers who became an officer and worked his way up to the rank of full colonel, retiring in 2011 after a 32-year career. He spent time as an executive for a fortune 500 company in Louisiana before turning his eyes to politics where he has built a reputation of being a true pundit. Now, his website is thriving, his show is taking off on Lifezette TV, and we are blessed to have him as our guest today on the NOQ Report Podcast.

Between mainstream media, Hollywood, and the indoctrination centers formerly known as schools, it's no wonder there continues to be a leftward lurch among many in America. Patriots like Col. Rob Maness are fighting the good fight to keep this nation on track.

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