San Francisco government delivering drugs, alcohol to homeless quarantined for coronavirus

They aren't trying to protect the homeless. They're trying to protect those who the homeless might run into while in search for their various vices.

Let's get one thing clear right up front. The homeless crisis in America, particularly in areas like San Francisco, is far more complex than most people realize. Tammy and I tried to communicate that in today's episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, but in case there is any doubt, we were not trying to belittle to scope of the problem.

What we WILL say is that San Francisco's new coronavirus-inspired policy of bringing homeless people quarantined in hotels the drugs and alcohol they "need" is not the right answer. A blanket pass to entice them to stay in place is not good policy. Moreover, the motives are not nearly as genuine as the city's government would have us believe. They are interested in keeping people off the street for the sake of optics and exposure to "regular" San Francisco citizens, not out of a concern for the homeless people themselves.

We talked about this and three positive topics in today's episode.

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  • Shelley Luther’s story demonstrates civil disobedience working properly
  • Coronavirus border policy demonstrates that quick deportations dissuade border crossing attempts
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