Dr. David Samadi: Herd immunity will make coronavirus second wave less severe

Dr. Samadi has been correct every step of the way with the coronavirus crisis. Now, he's making a few predictions and offering recommendations on how to move forward on this episode of the NOQ Report.

As Dr. Anthony Fauci steals all the headlines about the coronavirus, there are many doctors whose voices are getting stifled. Every day, more are coming forward questioning the accepted rhetoric being fed to us through mainstream media that is prolonging the lockdown and keeping much of America closed for business. One such person who has been calling to reopen this nation is Dr. David Samadi, a world-renowned urologist who has become a popular guest on Fox Business, Newsmax, and other conservative outlets regarding the coronavirus.

He invented the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment for prostate cancer surgeries. The technique was designed to replace open surgery with a minimally invasive alternative using the da Vinci Surgical System. His perspectives on the coronavirus have not been heard very often on progressive media outlets because he hasn't been echoing the accepted rhetoric of fear that has become so commonplace on CNN, MSNBC, and the like. We are blessed to have him join us today on the NOQ Report.

One of the key points he made—and there were many in this half-hour interview—is that herd immunity combined with better understanding of how the coronavirus works will likely make the anticipated second wave less severe than this first one. He continues to advocate responsible behaviors such as proper hand-washing and social distancing while still calling for the nation to open up for business. Most of us can go back to our normal day-to-day lives immediately if state and local governments would act properly.

Another important takeaway from this interview is that Dr. Samadi noted there isn't enough attention being paid to the negative effects to our health that the lockdown is creating. Suicide, domestic abuse, depression, and other side-effects of being forced to stay-at-home means we need to have a serious risk-benefit assessment. The longer we remain locked down, the more likely it is the damage that's being done by the lockdown is greater than the damage the coronavirus would do if we opened back up for business.

If there's a doctor we'd recommend to advise the White House and the President on the coronavirus instead of Dr. Fauci, it would be Dr. David Samadi. His predictions have been spot-on so far and his understanding of how to move forward is unparalleled. Listen to this interview.


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