The Ilhan Omar scandal nobody’s talking about… yet

She did wrong. Then, she tried to cover it up. Now that she's been exposed, she's trying to pretend like she's the victim. Ilhan Omar is despicable.

Our distaste for most Democrats is strong. That wasn't always the case as there was a time not too long ago when many if not most in the Democratic Party were tolerable. Today, few are. But nobody on Capitol Hill is as despicable as Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as she continues to do things that would make the most dishonest Democrats cringe.

What makes it worse is now she's trying to pretend like she's the victim. We discuss it thoroughly in this episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, but here's the gist. Omar's campaign put up a fundraising portal through ActBlue. She Tweeted it and posted it on Facebook with the posts making it appear as though people would be donating that money directly to MN FoodShare. A few days later, the Executive Director of MN FoodShare said she didn't know about this so-called partnership and asked where the money was going.

Omar deleted the social media posts, then scrambled to direct the money collected to MN FoodShare. There are many reasons to believe this was a ruse after-the-fact to cover up for her dishonest attempt, but the most telling piece of evidence is that she initially pulled the donations into her campaign coffers. This is important because nobody would EVER do that. They would have the money go directly to the charity. We know this because her own campaign fundraising is limited per individual donor. Why would she have people send her campaign money if she was going to then send it to MN FoodShare? Let's say someone donated the maximum amount for her campaign. Even if that money is sent to MN FoodShare, it would still count as a campaign contribution. Therefore, the donor thinking they were giving to MN FoodShare would not be able to donate to Omar's campaign because technically they already did.

Her GOP opponent, Lacy Johnson, called her out on it. We go into detail about him and other stories in this episode:

Show Notes

Expect this story to be picked up by other news outlets soon. This is such a reprehensible action, then cover-up, then deflection by Ilhan Omar, it's possible some outlets simply don't know they extent of her corruption. But they will.

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