Dr Fauci, Kawasaki Syndrome, and H.R. 6666: How the left will drive their authoritarian future

They're all coming together at the right moment for leftists, which happens to be the wrong moment for America.

Fear. It has been the driving force behind the coronavirus lockdown and all of the draconian measures that have been imposed upon Americans in cities and states across the country. We were supposed to fear millions of deaths at the start. When that was clearly wrong, we were supposed to fear the hospitals getting overrun. As the curve was flattened, the narrative turned to fears over killing grandma, which happened to be accurate but not compelling enough to shut patriots down who looked at the data and realized the efforts weren't effective.
Now, the fear narrative is turning to children in the form of Kawasaki Syndrome. This push from leftist mainstream media and Dr. Anthony Fauci from the COVID-19 Task Force to suddenly promote another boogeyman about children started late last week. Fauci invoked it yesterday during his Senate testimony. Google has been burying information about it beneath breathless news reports about it being the next big thing pertaining to the coronavirus.

All of this ties back into H.R. 6666, the TRACE Act, which is in the process of being inserted into the $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill coming from the desk of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. It pushes contact tracing, in-home testing, and child quarantines. None of that would be easy to promote without a fear pertaining to children. Now, they have it.

This is going to be hammered at us for the foreseeable future. As Tammy and I discussed in the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, these three elements—Dr. Fauci, Kawasaki Syndrome, and H.R. 6666—are intertwined into a master plan that nobody really has a grasp about fully, at least not yet. Strange things are afoot, and we intend to keep digging until we can reveal the full truth. In the meantime, we discussed everything we've found so far in the podcast.

Keep your eyes and ears open, folks, and stay skeptical. They're pushing an agenda that is much bigger than what they're revealing right now. It's a dangerous proposition, one based on fear. We have to bring the whole truth to light.

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