The utter lunacy of waiting for a cure

The good ol' moving of the goalpost is in full swing from the left as many authoritarians are now pushing to keep the lockdown going until there's a cure for the coronavirus. Yes, a cure.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is an idiot. As much as I hate insulting people, even Democrats, his latest calls to keep the lockdown going essentially indefinitely really rubbed us the wrong way. As Tammy and I discuss in this latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, saying that Los Angeles is waiting for a cure before opening back up is like saying the people of Los Angeles are destined to suffer a slow and painful death. Poverty, homelessness, and mental illness are in store, and that's for the people who were gainfully employed and living normal lives before this whole coronavirus crisis started.

We cannot wait for a cure. There may be no cure any time in the near future. There may be no vaccine on the way, and even if there is, chances are it won't be effective enough for the leftists to relent on their draconian mandates. That's the nature of the left. It's their nature of tyranny that drives them with this "opportunity" the coronavirus has presented them.

In this episode, we also discussed Judge Sullivan's vindictive attempt to keep General Michael Flynn from being exonerated, NBC News' attempt to smear Google (and we hate having to defend Google), Wisconsin opening back up thanks to a proper ruling from their Supreme Court, and President Trump going against Dr. Fauci in regards to opening schools back up.

Show Notes:
Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod

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