Jason Rantz: The way Jay Inslee talks about the lockdown 'leans into the Big Brother aspect'

Jay Inslee's authoritarianism shines through in what he says and often how he acts.

Washington is one of the most left-leaning states in the nation. Unfortunately, it's really only the metro areas that make it so; much of rural Washington is quite conservative. But with the bulk of the population comes majority rule and Democrats have the state locked down. Thanks to the coronavirus, it's locked down in more ways than one.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Rants, a radio host and columnist who hosts a show on AM 770 KTTH in Seattle. Described as "young and urban, passionate and bold," his cutting commentary works to build the conservative counter-culture in a city that is known for its far-left leanings.

If you want to get the best understanding of what's happening with the coronavirus under the leadership of Governor Jay Inslee and local officials, Jason Rantz is the guy with the answers. It was awesome having him on the show today.

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