Antibody tests showing coronavirus was here long before we realized

Some are believed to have been infected as early as December. It may have even been earlier than that.

How was the coronavirus able to spread so quickly? Studies last month indicate that millions of Americans in California, Washington, New York, and Florida have coronavirus antibodies in their system. This demonstrates that despite all of the lockdown efforts, the social distance and stay-at-home orders were not effective. Or, perhaps they were. If the coronavirus has been here since December or earlier, as this story from Hot Air seems to indicate, then it would make more sense why so many were infected.

Based on what we know now, millions of Americans were infected before. The vast majority had minor symptoms if they showed symptoms at all, which is why it wasn't detected earlier. Now that we're testing for antibodies and not just the coronavirus itself, the theory that it has been here for a while makes a whole lot more sense. Tammy and I talk in detail about this story on our latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast. We even discussed a Chinese satellite that almost hit New York City. Had you heard about that one?

The more we learn about the coronavirus, the easier it is to realize that the elderly and frail must be protected, but the healthy are in good shape to get back to work. But that's not the narrative the left and mainstream media want us to hear. We need to get the word out ourselves.

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