5 ways to fight tyranny in America today

Tyranny is around is. It's growing. It must be stopped. How? We'll explore that as we launch a brand new podcast, the "Non-Compliant America Podcast with JD Rucker." That's me.

The two-week lockdown started two months ago today and it's still going in many parts of America. In the past, I would have said we should wait for elections and do what we can to eject the authoritarians. I no longer hold that stance. Why? Because we might not make it to the next election if we don't do something about it immediately.

That's why I'm launching a brand new podcast on a different network. We'll post more information about it as soon as we have all the details hammered out, but in the meantime I thought it made sense to do a teaser of what this new podcast would be about. The "Non-Compliant America Podcast with JD Rucker" will be launching very soon and I can't wait to get it going.

The premise is simple. Draconian measures are rampant across America. Some of this is new as the coronavirus has been an opportunity for those on the radical left to impose their mandates under the cover of public safety. But the end-goal of an authoritarian state in which most citizens are both dependent on and beholden to government is nothing new. The coronavirus has simply accelerated their plans.

On the "Non-Compliant America Podcast w/ JD Rucker," I will highlight how citizens are fighting back against government power-grabs, unconstitutional decrees, and abuse of authority. From petitions to protests to civil disobedience, we'll will shine a spotlight on the challenges we face and solutions being pushed forward by patriotic American citizens.

Show Notes:
For those ready to stand up and say "I will not comply," we're ready to stand with you. The coronavirus lockdown is only the beginning. They've had a taste of authoritarianism and they love it. We must fight the good fight now and indefinitely.

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