CNN's anti-Trump propaganda is getting worse, if you can believe it

Those of us who have been paying attention might find it hard to believe CNN is actually unhinging itself even further from reality, but as Chris Cillizza demonstrated, they are.

CNN hates President Trump. This is far from news to anyone who has watched CNN or read their stories over the past four years, but things are actually getting worse. It's not that they're reporting less positive news about the President—they couldn't report less than zero positive things about him, which is what they've reported so far. It's that their negative coverage is getting more negative and their targets for bad coverage have expanded well beyond. Now, they're going after his family. Again.
The example that Tammy and I covered in the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast is CNN's Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza's attack on Donald Trump Jr's memes. Yes, memes. The fake news network went out of their way to demonstrate that presumptive Democratic nominee for president is, indeed, not a known pedophile contrary to the joke the younger Trump made on Instagram and Twitter. Granted, Biden is extremely creepy around children, touching them constantly and sniffing their hair, but pedophile jokes are a step too far.
Never mind this is the same network that was serious about their condemnation of Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student whose interaction early last year with Omaha Tribe elder Nathan Phillips was erroneously covered as evil simply because the high school student wore a MAGA hat. Disregard the fact that they screamed "Russia!" continuously for over two years before suddenly dropping the story. We could list their errors, omissions, and biased reporting for days at a time, but doing so will probably help them win more awards. Such is the way of mainstream media today.
On top of the Cillizza-Trump dust up, we also talked about:
CNN's obsession with attacking memes is nothing new. Turning their attention to the hilarious memes shared by Donald Trump Jr. marks the escalation of the fake news network's breathless hatred for the entire Trump family.

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