The left's war on Hydroxychloroquine is about to hit Ludicrous Speed

President Trump isn't just the Hydroxychloroquine President. He's also a client.

The war on Hydroxychloroquine was being waged by the left and mainstream media for two months ever since President Trump started promoting it as a possible treatment for the coronavirus. But all of the negative press against the malaria drug that has happened so far is child's play compared to the battle that they're going to bring to the airwaves now that he has declared he's taking the drug himself.
The initial reactions were already unhinged. They demonstrated a clear disconnect between what this nation needs to heal and the bear hug by the left (and some on the right) of those waiting for a magical vaccine from Bill Gates or whoever. Tonight in media strategy rooms around the country, they're working overtime to make Hydroxychloroquine the most hated substance known to man. As we noted in the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, he wouldn't get any more criticism than he is already if he declared he'd been using heroin for the last two weeks.
We also discussed Oregon's reversal on the Governor's stay-at-home order, the UN's attention to gender differences, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott's attack on two leftist states.
Show Notes:
The left was doing everything they could to downplay the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine BEFORE President Trump announced he's been taking it. Now that he has, we will see the left attack the drug more than they've ever hit the opioid crisis.

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