Brit Hume makes the case that Joe Biden is senile

On this episode of the NOQ Report, we discussed how Biden could easily be replaced after-the-fact as well as before the convention. Whoever his VP pick is will be assumed by millions of Americans to be the actual president they'd be electing. Biden's future isn't looking good and being replaced by his Vice President should he win the election will be top of mind for voters.

If you haven't had a good cringe moment in a while, just tune into the latest random thing former Vice President Joe Biden said. If you can find pretty much any clip of him speaking over the last couple of months, you'll likely notice he isn't the man he was just a year ago, let alone during his time as Vice President. It's clear that his cognitive abilities are slipping dramatically, and Brit Hume held no punches telling Tucker Carlson last night that the presumed Democratic nominee is "senile."

The two bantered back and forth about the dilemma this puts the Democratic Party in. They want to defeat President Trump at all costs, but they can't believe Biden is their guy. The two Fox News personalities discussed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as a possible replacement, but concluded that it would be hard to replace Biden at this stage. In reality, it wouldn't be.

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