U.S. citizen Neal Sutz fights to get his kids back in Switzerland

His boys were taken from him by the Swiss government. Now, dual-citizen Neal Sutz is fighting back.

Neal Sutz was living a nightmare before he moved his family to Switzerland. Facing dangers from powerful members of the Mormon Church, he expatriated with his wife and two young boys. But once there, his now-ex-wife had a psychotic breakdown that led to the removal of his children from his custody. His ex-wife is now somewhere in America while Sutz fights through courts and the media to get his children back.

This compelling interview on the NOQ Report Podcast is a followup to friend and soon-to-be podcasting colleague Ann Vandersteel's interview.

It's imperative that mainstream media and the State Department take a long look at what's happening in Switzerland with Neal Sutz and his children. This story is being suppressed. We must get the word out there immediately. 

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