Post-Memorial Day narrative will determine our coronavirus lockdown future

Will the lockdowns continue to ease or will there be a resurgence of authoritarianism? What happens after Memorial Day will determine it.

In the next couple of weeks, we're going to be hearing a lot about "new" outbreaks of the coronavirus. Why? Because a large number of Americans took to the beaches, lakes, parks, and anywhere else they could gather to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend. Mainstream media was all over it, wagging their judgmental fingers at all of the masses of people not social distancing, not wearing masks, and not living in fear.

But as fun as Memorial Day was for many, there are going to be narratives attempting to prove that our moment of frolic caused a new spike in coronavirus cases. It isn't that they'll wait for the numbers. They're already writing the narratives as you're reading this article or listening to the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast. Even Fox News, the "right-leaning" mainstream media outlet, was quick to judge people and oftentimes condemn them for not cowering under the shadow of this coronavirus crisis.

It's important that patriots argue against the renewed lockdown push that's coming as a result of Memorial Day. They are preparing to chastise us for our irresponsible actions, and we must be steadfast in our opposition to this notion. Will there be a spike? Perhaps. If there is (and there will almost certainly be a reported spike whether there's an actual spike or not), we cannot tuck tail and say we learned our lesson. It doesn't matter that there's a post-Memorial Day spike. What matters is that people are suffering and even dying from the lockdowns. The economy is tanked. Our freedoms are still being suppressed. Spike or no spike, our fight for freedom remains.

We also talked about Gavin Newsom's false "opening" of religious institutions in California, a report about asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus that nobody's reporting on, and the introduction of a new podcast, the "Conservative Playbook."

Show Notes:
Be prepared to fight the coming narrative. Even the tiniest spike in coronavirus cases anywhere near a Memorial Day gathering area will be used to try to reinstate draconian measures to keep us compliant and at home. We must push back.

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