Twitter's attempts to 'fact check' President Trump will backfire spectacularly

They really think they're making an impact on the election by calling the President out. In reality, they're demonstrating once again how partisan they and most in Big Tech really are.

We knew this day would come. I actually didn't expect it to come so soon, believing Twitter would keep their powder dry and not start trying to influence the upcoming presidential election until late summer. But, they're already in full swing as they rolled out their new "fact-checking" system on one of President Trump's Tweets today.

It was embarrassing for them and they should be ashamed. They added a label to a pair of the President's Tweets about mail-in voting with "fact-checks" from CNN and Washington Post. Their attempt to debunk the fact that mail-in voting encourages voter fraud and corruption was widely panned by Twitter users, and not all of those complaining were Trump supporters. It is neither Twitter's job to be the arbiters of truth, nor is it something that many people have asked them to do. Even some on the left would prefer social media platforms remain true platforms and allow the communities to do the fact-checking for themselves.

In this latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, Tammy and I discussed this story as well as Chicago's bloody Memorial Day weekend, Richard Grenell's new job, and how CBS News chose to manipulate coronavirus information, as usual.

Show Notes:
The more Big Tech tries to control the narrative, the more they expose themselves to the truth that they are Democratic partisans who hate President Trump, Republicans, conservatives, and oftentimes America in general. They are clowns, plain and simple.

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