Why President Trump is right to sign an executive order against social media censorship

This should have happened long ago. We'll soon see if the government will finally hold social media companies like Twitter to account for their status as "platforms."

There is always a risk in supporting a new law or executive order without reading it first, but I'm confident that whatever comes Thursday morning from the White House will be good. It was leaked that President Trump will be signing an executive order pertaining to "social media censorship," a problem that has been at the top of mind for many conservatives for years. Now, we may finally see some action.

This comes in response to the President getting "fact-checked" by Twitter on Tuesday. They didn't like what he had to say about mail-in ballots, so they turned to CNN and Washington Post to disseminate leftist propaganda. Now, it appears the President is ready to do... something.

There's no need to speculate about what it will be, considering we'll know for sure in a few hours, but all of the scenarios I ran through in my head are all acceptable at the least. Some would be awesome, particularly if it pertains to strengthening the requirements for Section 230 protection. Currently, Twitter and other social media sites try to have their cake and eat it too. On one hand, they claim to have platform protection since they are merely allowing others to post their own content. On the other hand, they often censor content that is not illegal. They also "amplify" content the ideologically like while suppressing content they oppose.

They're either platforms or content producers. They can't be both. If the President's executive order applies new guidelines to maintain Section 230 protection, I'd be ecstatic. If it's something with less teeth, such as prohibitions on certain types of censorship such as political fact-checking, it will be fine though not nearly as important. We'll see.

In this episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, we also discussed the coronavirus meat shortage, rioting over the killing of George Floyd, and Nancy Pelosi's use of the coronavirus crisis to advance her agenda. Here are the show notes:
This isn't a free speech issue. It's about holding social media platforms to the standard of the law. Either they're platforms or they're content producers. They've been acting like both depending on the situation. This needs to stop.

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