5 reasons the lockdowns turned righteous protests of George Floyd’s murder into total anarchy

We've seen protests and riots following law enforcement officers killing Black men many times in the past, but we've never seen this level of anarchy as a result.

The murder of George Floyd was tragic. The desire to see those who participated in his murder be brought to justice is great and proper protests are defintitely in order. But what we've seen is more than protests. It's even more than rioting. We are seeing anarchy in many cities across this nation. The last time there was rioting, looting, chaos, and anarchy to this degree following a murder was the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

By no means would I downplay the impact of George Floyd's murder, but unfortunately this isn't the first such death in recent years and it won't be the last. What makes this situation different and so explosive is that it came at a time when anger, hopelessness, and desperation are extremely high due to the coronavirus lockdowns. Floyd's murder was the spark, but the accelerant that caused it to explode and continue to burn out of control is the various lockdowns. It's not a coincidence that the areas being hardest hit by the protests happen to be cities that have been under the strictest and longest stay-at-home orders.

On today's episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, Tammy and I discussed five things that have made this particular murder result in much more violence across the country than we've seen in modern history. All five elements are direct results of the coronavirus lockdown. If there was no lockdown, Minneapolis wouldn't be on fire right now. They may have been some riots following the release of the video showing George Floyd being murdered, but not to this degree. Not even close.

Here are the five reasons we covered in the podcast:
  1. Millions not working: 40 million Americans have filed as jobless. That doesn't take into account those who do not qualify. Businesses are shuttering. Jobs are on hold or have been permanently lost. It's causing financial problems for millions of Americans who now have to turn to other sources of revenue.
  2. Peak anger at government: The lockdowns that have been imposed on cities and states are draconian in nature and have angered millions. That anger created conditions in which people were just waiting for a spark to set it all ablaze. Law enforcement are considered to be representatives of government, and as tyranny comes through executive orders by mini-tyrants in their jurisdictions, this tragedy with George Floyd couldn't have come at a worse time. The people were ready to lash out before this event sparked the devastation in Minneapolis and beyond.
  3. Loss of hope: Some are angry. Others are simply desperate. While it may be popular to look at looters and assume they are all just being selfish thieves, many of them turned to riot-driven crimes out of desperation.
  4. Opportunism in chaos: When there's chaos, there's always an opportunity for unscrupulous actors to engage in opportunism. Once the anarchy begins, some will see it as a chance to take from others. This is why the crimes go beyond burning down buildings or destroying property. Women are being snatched off the streets. Banks and other businesses are being hit. There's more to the crime than simply anger towards law enforcement.
  5. Displaced faith: With these lockdowns came a downturn in faith in America. Many if not most need more than tele-church or drive-in services. We need fellowship. We need connection to our communities. We need group prayer and the healing that comes with being part of a congregation. Today, as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdowns, faith has been displaced across much of America.
These riots are not just a response to a murder. They are a symptom of a growing angst that is driving Americans to do things they normally would not have done otherwise. There would not be this level of anarchy if it weren't for the draconian lockdowns driving pure negativity into the masses. It's not everyone. But there are millions of angry, desperate Americans who have lost hope and disengaged them from the values that are necessary for a civilized society. This was brought up today on the America Held Hostage podcast and we expanded upon that concept in our show as well.

We've seen protests and riots following law enforcement officers killing Black men many times in the past, but we've never seen this level of anarchy as a result. It's the lockdowns that have created this atmosphere of anger and desperation.

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