Lessons America MUST learn from the coronavirus crisis

A lot is happening during the coronavirus crisis. We're focused on now. But we must come out of this on the other end with certain lessons learned and certain deficiencies corrected.

If you're one of the small percentage of Americans who had enough masks, gowns, food, supplies, and toilet paper in your house before the coronavirus hit, then you're probably a "Prepper." And until now, preppers have been ridiculed by a large number of Americans. Today, it seems like most Americans are either preppers to some extent or wish they could be. The coronavirus crisis has turned America upside down.

But that's not the only lesson to be learned from all of this. In many ways, it's not even the most important lesson. From the leanings toward globalism that have taken over the mindsets of many in government to a rethinking of the efficacy of public schooling, there are plenty of other takeaways that must, well, take away from this whole ordeal.

Cantina Blues by Kevin MacLeod
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