Minneapolis proves the radical left’s plan must NOT be dismissed

They're going to keep this going and try to take it all the way, even if things calm down for a time. We must be prepared for what's next from the radical left.

Protests are still happening. Buildings are still burning. Riots, looting, and crime are still rampant. Mainstream media may be downplaying all of these things, but we cannot fall for the notion that things are calming down. They may be, but there's no chance that this is going away completely. Even if there's a lull, they will come back in full force for the next stage of their plan. We must be ready.

Yesterday, we talked about the first three stages of their plan, the stages we find ourselves in right now. This must be where we stop it. We must draw the line here. The next two phases of their plan to destroy America will come as soon as they feel their first three goals have been properly accomplished. These final two stages are terrifying...

4. Eliminate the Constitution

From the radical left's perspective, the failed American experiment must be ended and anyone who gets in the way must be destroyed. That means taking out the U.S. Constitution completely. If they are able to accomplish their first three goals, particularly destabilizing America, then their next victim will be the Constitution. Their attacks may happen soon. It may be weeks or months away. The most likely scenario that we're predicting is that they will go full-force following the November elections. Then, they get to their final stage...

5. Rebuild a broken nation in an image far worse than Marxism

Whatever Karl Marx envisioned wasn’t good enough for these people. They have gone beyond wanting socialism or even communism. They want a new type of authoritarianism and forced equality that caters to today's technology, infrastructure, and modern leftist sensibilities. They will try to force globalism and collectivism on a massive scale. We go into much more detail about this in the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast.

The only true justice comes from God, but we have established a mostly worthy earthly variation through the American justice system. It's flawed, as all things made by man are, but it can and should be in a perpetual state of improvement. Sadly, that's not the justice the far-leftists want. They're looking for social justice, environmental justice, and all of the other progressive buzzwords that promote Cultural Marxism and the disbanding of the United States.

There are few things in this nation scarier than what the radical left has planned for us next. Even if things seem to cool down, we must remain diligent and work tirelessly to stop them from achieving their evil goals.

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