The left is tripping all over itself trying to conflate racism and the coronavirus

What does the coronavirus have to do with racism? According to the left, it's everything.

Is the coronavirus racist? Apparently, it is. At least that's what the left is saying as they try to conflate the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements of Cultural Marxism with the coronavirus that is spreading across the nation. While some are more concerned about the coronavirus than others, the left continues to push false narratives to keep the fear and anger alive.

For example, there's the story of Lincoln County in Oregon which has declared that everyone must wear face masks out in public UNLESS a "person of color" feels they will be racially profiled because of the masks. You can't make this stuff up, folks. And in case there's any confusion about what this all means, let's call it what it is. This is racism.

Then, there's the reaction to Dr. Anthony Fauci's answer yesterday regarding "institutional racism" as it pertains to the coronavirus. He wasn't saying that institutional racism is the reason African-Americans have higher infection rates. He was saying the racism of the past that has established challenges with the conditions in which many minorities live has contributed to the higher rates of infection, and that is accurate. Nevertheless, the interpretation and subsequent misrepresentation of his answer by the media is still blowing up a day later.

In this episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, I explored these concepts solo. Unfortunately, Tammy couldn't join me for this episode but she'll be there for tomorrow's. At least she better be! People just don't want to hear me as much as they like hearing her, and I don't blame them.

Is the coronavirus racist? This is a ludicrous question, but it's one that mainstream media continues to make an issue, so we'll answer it. No. Conflating racism and the coronavirus is just Cultural Marxist propaganda.

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