Joe Biden has devolved to reading scripted answers to questions and still fails horribly

They're doing everything they can to prop him up, but he just can't seem to keep it together.

When Joe Biden launched his campaign, he seemed like an older version of his gaffe-laden self from 2016. He was a little slower and a bit more forgetful than he was three years earlier. But Biden's cognitive abilities appear to be heading in the wrong direction quickly as the need to protect him from his failing mind grows more intense in his campaign and the DNC.

This latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast was prompted when #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka noticed a so-called "Q&A" with Biden. As the former Democrat turned conservative activist noted, it is very apparent Biden not only knew the question that was coming, but also answered it by reading a teleprompter or cue cards.

Six or seven months ago, Joe Biden's gaffes started getting really bad. Just before the coronavirus, his campaign limited his speaking engagements to around seven minutes and he took no questions. They switched to giving him clear talking points and worked with journalists to limit questions, but that failed as well because he was unable to regurgitate the talking points properly.

Now, Joe Biden literally has to read responses to planted questions in order to not sound like an idiot. Even then, he often sounds like an idiot.

It is imperative that America does NOT allow Joe Biden to become president. His mind is slipping away from him. The people around him propping him up and running cover on his behalf are not doing him any favors. He needs to be comfortable with limited stress and lots of love. The longer he campaigns, the worse his mental acuity is going to get. And if he were to become president, that will only exacerbate the situation further.

If Joe can't properly read an answer to a planted question, how can he possibly be expected to make decisions as the most powerful politician in the free world? Lucid Democrats must accept the fact their nominee is deteriorating.

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