'JB Neiman' and the ongoing coronavirus narrative manipulation

There are many reasons to avoid a single-source story, and two extremely good reasons to take it seriously.

When this story came across my desk a couple of days ago, I was intrigued. It's a bombshell. The challenge came in corroboration. Single source stories often turn out to be fake news. With so much of that in circulation already, I was hesitant to run the story until I could get something, anything that demonstrated this on-the-record statement by a Managing Partner at 13 Texas emergency clinics was legitimate. After two day, I gave up on looking.

Then, I decided to go with the story anyway.

There are two reasons for this. The first is the journalist who first published the statement on his Twitter account. Alex Berenson is generally considered to be above journalistic reproach. The award-winning former New York Times reporter isn't known to run with stories without checking out his sources first, so I assumed "JB Neiman" is a real person who is what he or she claims to be. Second, the storyline detailed in the statement matches perfectly with other anecdotal accounts that have been quietly circulating among healthcare professionals. They're seeing it, and most aren't saying anything about it for fear of retribution. After all, coronavirus is big business.

In the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, we break down this statement. Some of the important takeaways for those who don't want to listen to it are these:
  • A large portion of the uptick in coronavirus cases can be attributed to more people going to the hospital for other reasons and discovering they are infected. With a majority of cases being young and otherwise healthy other than the ailment that brought them to the hospital, it behooves healthcare administrators to count everyone infected as being "coronavirus cases" even if that wasn't their underlying medical issue.
  • Treatments are working much faster than in the past when the majority of cases were unhealthy or elderly people. Thus, death rates are much, much lower than before and are likely very much lower than what is being reported.
  • With such little coverage of the low fatality rates, it's no wonder there are so many politicians able to push for further lockdowns. If the fatality rates were known, it would be nearly impossible to destroy the economy with the coronavirus.
We will continue to pursue information on Neiman and others willing to speak out and tell the truth. We chose to respect journalistic privacy and not reach out to Berenson for details about his source. Besides, considering the risk his source is taking, it's highly unlikely Berenson would have shared information other than what has been posted publicly.

Coronavirus is big business for many in the healthcare and political industries. This bombshell report makes perfect sense from that perspective, explaining why such accounts are suppressed by mainstream media. There's so much they're not telling us.

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