As Portland burns, Mayor and Governor do nothing but point fingers at the President

The revolution is starting in Oregon.

Portland, Oregon, is a city that is crumbling under the weight of inaction. Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have abdicated their governance over the city, forcing local law enforcement to stand down on just about every issue. Meanwhile, federal law enforcement has been ordered by the White House to protect federal property to local law enforcement's chagrin. But can they really blame them?

"Protesters" with Antifa black bloc and Black Lives Matter rule the streets at night, particularly around federal buildings that are vulnerable to attacks. As journalist Andy Ngo has reported from the beginning, standing down to "deescalate" the situation on the local government's orders has yielded a state of anarchy. A daily visit to his Twitter feed reveals just how bad it is, and that may be the only place to find real information as mainstream media seems to be in a perpetual yawning state regarding the city under siege.

Keep in mind, these Tweets aren't accumulated over a week or even a day. This is two hours worth of reporting on the devastation taking place under mainstream media's noses. As JD and Tammy discussed on the latest episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, the blame for this squarely lands on the shoulders of Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown.

The President has become an easy target for these radical Democrats because with so much going on in the world, media is barely covering the truth in Portland. The feckless leadership at City Hall is drawing zero confidence from the Portland Police Union who voted as such last week, but even that has been buried by media. However, the Mayor's and Governor's quotes following an incident when a "protester" was hit in the head with a rubber bullet has received widespread coverage.

At this point, it behooves the President to announce he is pulling out of Portland and letting local law enforcement handle it until their presence is requested. This would be a political hit against him as an American city burns, but at some point this radical leftist mayor and governor must do the right thing on their own. It is always sad to allow an American city to get overrun or American citizens to be victimized, but local law enforcement will not be given the green light to end it appropriately until federal law enforcement is out of the way. Otherwise, this will be prolonged indefinitely.

The anarcho-communist revolution is starting as we speak in Portland. This is far worse than Minneapolis, worse than "The CHOP." It has been planned for years and that plan is being executed. Few other than Andy Ngo are paying appropriate attention.

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