DeAnna Lorraine is taking back America by inspiring patriots to act

Conservatives need to take back America and bring sanity to this nation. Conservative activist and former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine wrote the book on how to get it done.

It's crazy out there. Things seem to be destined to be insane for the foreseeable future unless patriotic, conservative Americans stand up and do what is necessary to support the rule of law as well as the values that made this nation great. The coronavirus lockdown in particular has forced many people into a corner, but there's one benefit that has come from all this. It isn't much of a silver lining considering the devastation the lockdowns have caused, but if we run with it all the way through, it can be a big deal. The silver lining is this: Patriots are waking up to the authoritarian nature of the radical left and are starting to want to do something about them.

One patriot, former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine, used her locked down time to write a book. "Taking Back America: Campaign Secrets I Learned from Battling Nancy Pelosi and the Swamp" will be released next week on Amazon.

In this episode of NOQ Report based on the interview our EIC, JD Rucker, had with Lorraine during the 5th Saving America Conference for the American Conservative Movement, they discussed ways patriots can start fighting back immediately. The audio is a little choppy, but that's a part of life in a world that has made in-studio visits anathema in places like California.

One of the topics they discussed was the importance of being truthful as a conservative movement. Support for President Trump and other Republicans must be strong without being blind. On other words, there should be room for criticism as long as it doesn't turn into opposition. At this point, only deranged "NeverTrumpers" can claim to be conservatives and see people like Joe Biden or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as righteous alternatives to their Republican counterparts.

It will take an aggressive form of conservative patriotism to win this fight. The good ol' days of passively acting as the silent majority won't cut it as the radical left systematically controls mainstream media, social media, and most importantly main streets across the country. Bold activism is the answer we seek, and the neo-Marxists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa have made it abundantly clear we're not going to win this fight simply by donating to conservative causes. We need to get out there to make a real difference.

Few patriots have done as much or taken as many risks as DeAnna Lorraine in efforts to make America great again despite the turmoil of 2020. She isn't just talking about patriotism. She's doing something about it. This was an excellent interview.

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