Why Christians should support President Trump with ZERO fear of the future

No matter what happens, Christians know how the story ends and should never fear the future. It's in God's hands, and our faith demands we have no fear of what lies ahead.

Let's start off with something that should be obvious to anyone who has read the Bible and calls themselves a Christian. The Democratic Party has become antithetical to our beliefs. From abortion to Marxism to the all-important protections from our constitutional right to practice our religion freely, the modern day Democratic Party has declared war on those beliefs. Even Christians who are not pleased with President Trump as a person or the Republican Party as an entity have to acknowledge that their opponents are far worse in every regard for the faithful in America and around the world.

Christians find ourselves in a win-win situation. If things go as hoped and President Trump wins in November, accompanied by big wins in the House, Senate, and in state and local elections, then our rights have a much better chance of being preserved and we can continue to fight against Cultural Marxism spreading across America. But even in defeat, there is the shiniest possible silver lining if Democrats do win. The changes they would implement are existential threats to America and therefore the world. In my humble opinion, big wins by Democrats would mark the beginning of tribulation. Whether that's the "Great Tribulation" often referenced by Bible scholars is debatable, but things will definitely get bad. When things get really bad, the end is near and we are closer to being with our Lord.

To some, this may seem like weak solace in these troubling times. But the flesh is finite. It is insignificant other than our performance of God's will, so the chaos and destruction that may be upon us will be wonderful tests of our faith. To me, a Trump win would be like an extension of our time here on earth while a Biden win could mark the dark times that precede the light of our Lord upon the earth.

In the latest episode of the NOQ Report, I try not to get too philosophical as I explain this lack of fear that I have and that other Bible-believing Christians should have as well. Being without fear doesn't mean we stop fighting the good fight. We must spend our days advancing the Biblical worldview, and part of that means advancing the conservative worldview associated with Republicans... at least MORE so than with Democrats. I do not condone all the GOP or even President Trump does, but they are hedges against the true evil that has taken over the Democratic Party and turned their leaders into slaves of the Cultural Marxists calling the shots.

We have hope in our hearts and a resolute nature that allows us to face the radical leftist enemies without fear. As we work towards helping President Trump win reelection, we should do so knowing that no matter what happens, it's all part of God's plan.

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