EVERY leftist narrative about law enforcement has been proven wrong

Every. Single. One.

Following George Floyd's murder, calls for drastic changes in law enforcement started ringing out. The left and even some on the right called for defunding police, cutting budgets dramatically to somehow end the so-called "systemic racism" that was allegedly rampant in police departments across the country. Some even called for police to be completely disbanded; the Minneapolis City Council voted for a new policy that would essentially eliminate the city's police department altogether.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not new. Black Lives Matter has been calling for such things from their inception. They weren't the ones to invent the concept, either. Now's not the time for a history lesson but suffice to say the theory of law enforcement being replaced by community policing has been trying to gain support for decades.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, JD breaks down the three biggest elements of the push by leftists in recent months. While acknowledging that there needs to be reforms, he highlighted how every narrative the left has tried to push regarding law enforcement has been proven wrong.

"Defunding police will reduce crime." In every major city that defunded or otherwise hampered law enforcement, crime has risen.

"Getting rid of federal law enforcement will stop riots." Portland has demonstrated their false narrative is just that, a false narrative. Both Antifa/BLM "peaceful protesters" and local government have blamed the presence of federal law enforcement for the riots. This narrative was problematic from the beginning since the riots started in Portland a month before federal law enforcement stepped foot in the city, but it has been further proven wrong since they left. Riots haven't ceased. They've gotten worse.

"Studies will show law enforcement has systemic racism." There were three studies commissioned shortly after George Floyd's murder that were supposed to prove systemic racism exists in law enforcement. Two of the studies were canceled AFTER the results were coming in. The other was quietly published and subsequently removed. Why? Because they discovered that proving systemic racism in law enforcement was much harder than they expected. In fact, it seemed to not really exist, so the studies were scrapped. If it doesn't fit the left's narrative, it's not worthy to be put forth to the public.

Most major changes in government at state and local levels require time to test for efficacy. But the left's narrative about law enforcement was almost instantly debunked as soon as cities started defunding and otherwise hampering police.

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