Bodycam footage of George Floyd resisting arrest should have been released months ago

This may be an unpopular opinion. Some may say the court's and police department's hands were tied. But America burned, and the video could have helped mitigate the damage.

If the bodycam video of George Floyd's attempted arrest and subsequent killing beneath the knee of former police officer Derek Chauvin had been released shortly after his death or during the riots, damage could have been mitigated. Then again, perhaps it wouldn't have been. There's no way to know for sure. But it likely couldn't have been much worse and this video puts into context the events that transpired prior to the infamous and terrible imagery that went viral at the beginning.

That imagery was pretty much all most people saw. An angry Caucasian police officer had his knee on the neck of a terrified Black man for over eight minutes, and that Black man died as a result. It made tens of millions of Americans angry and drove many to embrace the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement in some form or fashion. But the context that included extremely odd behavior by Floyd, continuous attempts to resist arrest, and most importantly police officers who were not acting out of racist intent but who were simply trying to make a peaceful arrest—that context should have been known long before August.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, JD establishes many important points, but he biggest question he asked is why the video was never released before. Was it held back out of some misguided adherence to procedure while a nation burned? Was it intentionally omitted from public record at the time to perpetuate the false narrative and intensify the anarchy? Is this part of the plan from the principalities and powers described in Ephesians 6:12?

The narrative that drove the anarchy, riots, looting, buildings burned, statues torn down, and massive levels of violence was false. The bodycam video leaked yesterday proves that. It should have been released from the start.

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