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Focus on Joe Biden, not his degenerate son

Let's keep this simple. Joe Biden is the story, not Hunter Biden.

Don't assume everyone's heard the Hunter-Joe story. They haven't. Keep spreading the word.

In this episode of NOQ Report, JD and Tammy discuss the Biden situation and reveal why it's so important to hammer this narrative home.

The single most important reason Joe Biden and the Democrats must be defeated

Trump supporters have been naming dozens of reasons to vote for Republicans. Here are some reasons—including the single most important one—to vote against Democrats.

The conservative crackdown on social media has begun

What you can see happening is already bad enough. What you do not see will infuriate you.

Yelp's history of racism exposed. Will they place their new warning on themselves?

They have gone social justice warrior on us all. Will they point their "discerning" lens on themselves?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lying... to fellow Democrats

Depending on which wing of the Democratic Party they're talking to at any given moment, they will tell different lies to them in hopes of not losing their support.

The one-third of 'evangelicals' who support Joe Biden are not evangelicals

They may be believers who are making a personal, secular choice. But they can't really call themselves "evangelicals" if they support pro-abortion Joe Biden.

How to stop Democrats from derailing Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation

They really only have one valid card they can play, and Republicans can stop them from playing it if they're smart.

Debate proves the time is now to stand up and stop being a silent majority

Many of us hoped Joe Biden would drool all over the microphone in the debate, essentially ending his chances of winning. That didn't happen, so it's do or die for us. We must keep fighting.

4 reasons Ilhan Omar MUST be investigated immediately

In less than two years in office, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been involved in more scandals than just about anyone. Now, finally, she needs to be investigated thoroughly for her alleged participation in voter fraud.

Voter fraud is already happening: Democrat ballot harvesting found in THIRD district

We've been warning about voter fraud for months. So has the President. Now that ballots are out, the fraud is already rampant.

An unambiguous landslide victory for President Trump is the only hope for America

We can't squeak by with an Electoral College victory and think that everything will be fixed. We need to send a message that America wants the chaos to end.

Do not let Democrats get away with the narrative that these riots are not their fault

The domestic terrorism that's taking place in multiple cities across this country can and must be attributed to the policies and actions of Democrats and their radical leftist base.

Bombshell report on Burisma and Hunter Biden points to impeachment being a coverup ploy

We were pretty sure it was a coverup before, but now we know with a near certainty that it wasn't just covering up for the Bidens. It was covering up for the entire Obama administration.

Danielle D'Souza Gill fights for the pre-born by discussing 'The Choice'

The #WomenForTrump advisory board member has written a new book and it takes the pro-life battle straight at the opposition.

#FillTheSeat: We MUST have nine Justices to sort through post-election mess

Democrats are adamantly opposed to President Trump and Senator McConnell filling the vacant Supreme Court seat. They should be careful what they wish for as an eight-Justice Supreme Court would be a nightmare following the election.

There has been one coronavirus death in Sweden in the last five days

There's a reason nobody in mainstream media is talking about Sweden and COVID-19 anymore.

In very winnable CA-7, Buzz Patterson calls on Kevin McCarthy for a hand

If McCarthy has any hopes of being Speaker of the House, he better start supporting candidates who can flip blue seats to red. One such candidate is Buzz Patterson.

The 'Harris administration' and 'Harris-Biden' slips were planned: Source

They want it to look as if these were simply misspoken phrases, but the reality is much more sinister. They really do want people to start viewing the Democratic ticket as Harris-Biden.

Lancaster protests demonstrate BLM wants police to sacrifice themselves to criminals

If there was any common sense in the Black Lives Matter movement, Lancaster would not have seen rioting last night.

Do you want to be controlled or do you want to be free?

That really is the only question voters have to answer before November.

Canceling Netflix over 'Cuties' is the most important battle in the culture war today

The culture war is focused now on Big Entertainment and their support for child exploitation and the conservative principles that should be universal.

#BlueLivesMatter activist Savanah Hernandez describes her biggest 'red pill' moment

Conservatives need to do more than Tweet about what Black Lives Matter and Antifa are doing. We need to get out and do something about it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants people to 'speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is'

"I want people to understand that they have to rip the duct tape off their mouth and they have to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is."

Jeremy Boreing: 'You can't expect to win a cultural battle if you don't engage in the culture itself'

"The most dramatic need that needs to be filled is for conservatives and Christians to engage in culture."

Biden lurching to the left as support from radical progressives fades rapidly

It happened a bit earlier to Hillary Clinton in 2016, but it seems more pronounced this election for Joe Biden.

The NOQ Report for September 6, 2020

Brandon Straka's #WalkAway folks attacked by BLM, Detroit police hamstrung by courts, Food Lion relents to patriots, Kamala Harris doubts science, Orange County offers drive-in voting, and why Trump needs an unambiguous win.

Biden's ideology is a bigger concern than his mental acuity

It may sound appealing to Republicans to focus on Joe Biden's comical and sad declining cognitive skills, but there are bigger fish to fry if President Trump is going to win.

Proof the narrative on COVID-19 is a lie, wrapped in a coverup, inside a conspiracy

This was never really about healthcare. It was always about control.

Scott Baio speaks out against Gavin Newsom and Democratic leadership

The conservative actor joined JD to discuss the current state of affairs.

#BabyLivesMatter's Tayler Hansen is making a difference and needs your help

Some activists take to Twitter or Facebook to get the message out. Pro-life activist Tayler Hansen took his activism to the streets. Literally.

Post-RNC analysis: President Trump awesomed all over the place

If there was one concern going into the final day of the Republican National Convention, it's that it wouldn't meet expectations with so much hype following the first three epic days. That concern melted away early and never came back.

With two dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has blood on his hands

We can try to blame the shooters. We can lay at least some blame on the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists. But the lion's share of the blame belongs to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

BLM is holding Joe Biden and the New Democratic Party hostage

There is zero chance the Democratic nominee for president, his vice presidential selection, or any leaders in the party will ever denounce any actions taken by Black Lives Matter.

How MAGA-patriots can help make the Republican National Convention effective

We need excitement. We need to get swing voters seeing the truth. But most importantly, we can help President Trump by reaching people within our circles of influence with messaging that supports his reelection. This is how we do that.

It's time to organize protests, lawsuits against lockdowns and other COVID-19 mandates

For complete transparency, let's call it what it is. We're LONG past time to organize protests, file lawsuits, and engage in civil disobedience to bring an end to the draconian lockdown mandates. All of them.

At DNC, Joe Biden gave Republicans the gameplan with which to beat him

The former Vice President's speech at the Democratic National Convention focused on "orange man bad" while avoiding the all-important notion of policy. What are they trying to hide?

#BoycottGoodyear: Goodyear supports Black Lives Matter, bans Blue Lives Matter

While not being a fan of boycotts in general, there are times when companies cross the line. Goodyear has.

Democrats say the quiet part out loud, acknowledge 'radical' ideas are now mainstream in party

We've always known they wanted to embrace their radical side. Now, they finally have done so publicly.

Insider John Paul Rice exposes child sex trafficking rampant in Hollywood

This blockbuster interview from the producer of six Hollywood films blows the whistle on not only Tinseltown, but other industries as well.

Poll shows President Trump should become 'Champion of America's Reopening'

The people want the nation to open up for business and everything else. If President Trump starts echoing this sentiment, he'll win big in November.

Oregon State Police pull out of Portland after prosecutors refuse to prosecute Antifa criminals

What's the point of law enforcement arresting people for committing crimes if county prosecutors are going to give them unlimited get-out-of-jail cards?

It's time for the conservative 'silent majority' to get loud

This isn't 2016. We won't win this election if we get complacent.

Defunding police is a gateway drug for Democrats to embrace Neo-Marxism

For the leaders of the radical left, defunding police serves two purposes. It's one of the initial goals they must achieve to initiate their plans, but it's also an easy way to pull moderates in their direction.

William Barr's truth bombs about media's 'peaceful protester' narrative MUST be heard

Mainstream media is selling you the Democrats' and Black Lives Matter's false narratives about the "peaceful protests." You knew that. But hearing Attorney General William Barr discuss it with Mark Levin is extremely important.

Kamala Harris got canceled. Was it the Deep State asserting their will to get Susan Rice in?

All the evidence points to the likelihood that Senator Kamala Harris was about to be tapped for VP, but leaks and interventions canceled her.

Yes, Joe Biden is racist and has been for decades

To paraphrase the former Vice President, "If you don't realize Joe Biden is racist, you ain't smart."

A 'network of lone wolf conservatives' may be the best way to win more elections

For a while, I've been calling for unity within the conservative movement. Perhaps the better way to go is to take advantage of one of our strengths: Individualism.

Bodycam footage of George Floyd resisting arrest should have been released months ago

This may be an unpopular opinion. Some may say the court's and police department's hands were tied. But America burned, and the video could have helped mitigate the damage.

EVERY leftist narrative about law enforcement has been proven wrong

Every. Single. One.

Why Christians should support President Trump with ZERO fear of the future

No matter what happens, Christians know how the story ends and should never fear the future. It's in God's hands, and our faith demands we have no fear of what lies ahead.

Big Tech censorship of HCQ has Dr. David Samadi perturbed... and fighting back

The good doctor got suspended on Twitter, not for saying Hydroxychloroquine is the cure for COVID-19 but for simply saying it's a valid treatment to be considered.

There are consequences if the left is wrong about Hydroxychloroquine

They cite consensus that isn't there and science that is unproven. But they have the nerve to play politics with people's lives.

Dr. Stella Immanuel has Big Tech panicking over Breitbart's Hydroxychloroquine news conference

The ferociousness in Big Tech against doctors touting Hydroxychloroquine is awfully suspicious.

Infection Fatality Rate Estimates: The numbers they don't want you to know

If the truth about the coronavirus was every brought to light, more Americans would be furious about the continued lockdowns.

Joe Biden's silence on violent Antifa and BLM riots is deafening

Does Joe Biden support the current riots happening in cities across America? Is he in favor of law and order being restored? Nobody knows and he ain't talking.

A black female will be the de facto top of the ticket, not Joe Biden

There is buzz already going around privately in DNC circles that Joe Biden should not be featured on their ticket even if he's technically their presidential candidate.

Leftists keep saying 'secret police.' I do not think it means what they think it means.

Inigo Montoya would be confused by today's leftists if he weren't a fictional character.

Twitter's QAnon purge should motivate every patriot, Q-supporter or not

It doesn't matter whether you support QAnon or not. If you're a conservative, this is going to affect you. It's time to step up and push back.

The left's attack on the McCloskeys is an attack on all freedom-loving Americans

Believe it or not, this isn't just a Second Amendment issue. This is about demonstrating whether the Constitution is more powerful than mob rule.

Dr. Fauci's latest lie is HUGE and easily debunked

Dr. Anthony Fauci is many things, but he's not stupid. He just thinks you and I are.

It's a trap! Portland is a test case of the radical left's plans for America

Neo-Marxists have a plan. To achieve their goals, they need to quickly destroy America so they can rebuild it in their image. The revolution is starting in Portland as we speak.

DeAnna Lorraine is taking back America by inspiring patriots to act

Conservatives need to take back America and bring sanity to this nation. Conservative activist and former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine wrote the book on how to get it done.

Retaining GOP control of the Senate is nearly as important as reelecting President Trump

Originalist judges getting appointed. Tax cuts. Proper economic recovery post-coronavirus. Stopping impeachment 2.0. All of these are at risk if the GOP loses the Senate even if they keep control of the White House.

As Portland burns, Mayor and Governor do nothing but point fingers at the President

The revolution is starting in Oregon.

3rd shot at recalling Gavin Newsom picks up steam

This interview with Mike Netter gives us hope that the horrible Governor of California might face an early end to his reign.

California AB 262 is the ultimate coronavirus authoritarian loophole

It starts here in California. If things go well with the coronavirus, expect leftists to tout it as a way to go for the whole country.

Enough of this Schiff: How Eric Early plans to win in CA-28

Adam Schiff has had his seat locked for nearly two decades. Now, he finally has a challenger who can give him a run for his money.

Should Evangelicals vote for Trump? We asked Dr. Michael L. Brown.

The Messianic Jew and Evangelical leader joined JD Rucker for a wonderful discussion about the President, Black Lives Matter, and the state of the nation today.

Mike Gundy's $1M capitulation isn't noble. It adds fuel to the fire.

He's trying to fall on his sword, but what he's doing to everyone else is very bad. Be careful what you wear on a private fishing trip, folks.

GOP control of the Senate may hinge on Tricia Flanagan taking out Cory Booker

New Jersey Republicans have tried and failed to take advantage of the conservative mindset among unaffiliated voters in their state. It's time to nominate a candidate who is an actual conservative, a candidate who can return Cory Booker to the private sector.

'JB Neiman' and the ongoing coronavirus narrative manipulation

There are many reasons to avoid a single-source story, and two extremely good reasons to take it seriously.

Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci, and the coronavirus surge narrative

As Senator Paul asked, "when are we going to tell the people the truth?"

Four reasons The CHOP failed

It was doomed from the start, but it didn't have to be.

Beware of 'activists' who block videos with $2000 bicycles

If they aren't proud enough of what they're doing to want it broadcast to the world, should we really take their "movements" very seriously?

Daniel Greenfield and why Republican lawmakers MUST be proactive with the media

If other Republicans would handle the media more like President Trump does, many of their issues would go away.

Joe Biden has devolved to reading scripted answers to questions and still fails horribly

They're doing everything they can to prop him up, but he just can't seem to keep it together.

Seattle residents, businesses in CHOP file class-action lawsuit against city

Their patience has been exceptional, but enough is enough.

The left is tripping all over itself trying to conflate racism and the coronavirus

What does the coronavirus have to do with racism? According to the left, it's everything.

Yes, the fireworks are part of the evil plan to destroy America

Reports that these are random, prompted by Independence Day celebrations canceled, and promoted by rock-bottom prices are all false narratives.

Why aren't statue mobs being arrested?

Seriously, why is this lawlessness being allowed?

How Cultural Marxism is driving America's turmoil... and how to stop it

To find the solution we need to understand the problem. To understand the problem we have to identify the root cause.

Tulsa Mayor got bullied into imposing curfew around Trump Rally location

This was done for the right reasons but it was the wrong response.

#RecallGavin2020 trends following mandatory mask order in California

California Governor Gavin Newsom needed to go long before he initiated his latest authoritarian scare tactic.

Sam Jones shows why the Supreme Court is a supreme failure

Today's decision on DACA was just the latest in a string of failures from the so-called "conservative" Supreme Court.

Media silent as coronavirus deaths stay below 1000-daily for first week since March

Those who get their news by reading mainstream media headlines only will never hear this good news.

Tammy and JD do a live 'Ask Me Anything' with listeners

They talked about shirts, Seattle, football, and why they believe President Trump will win reelection.

Police are being targeted... by Democrats, media, and pseudo-activists

The need to "back the blue" has arguably never been greater than in 2020.

Suspected Antifa 'white girl in pink' started Atlanta Wendy's fire

Black Lives Matter was there rioting and starting other fires, but an alleged member of Antifa was the person who almost certainly lit the big fire.

So-called anti-racists are pushing the actual racist agenda, and it's working

In the name of fighting racism, BLM, Antifa, and other far-leftists are promoting racial division in America.

Call out BLM's and Antifa's lies for the sake of the audience, not the radicals

You can't convince the radicals to change their minds because their perspectives are not based on facts. But other people are listening. This is why the truth must come out.

Why CHAZ in Seattle is a grave concern for ALL Democratic cities

Seattle's "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" is likely going to spread, but that's not even the biggest concern for cities run by leftists.

Defunding police goes against literally everything the left claims to want

If leftists really wanted challenges with law enforcement to diminish, they'd do what they do best. They'd spend more money on law enforcement.

Denise McAllister explains how BLM is ultimately an anti-Christian movement

With Black Lives Matter all over the news and supported by many who proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior, are the faithful being misled into embracing a negative ideology?

Minneapolis proves the radical left’s plan must NOT be dismissed

They're going to keep this going and try to take it all the way, even if things calm down for a time. We must be prepared for what's next from the radical left.

To fight this evil, we have to understand the radical left's plans

This isn't just about lockdowns and riots. This is about a long-standing plan to deconstruct America. This is a revolution. At least that's what the radical left hopes it is.

The worst idea ever, disbanding the police, is actually being considered in leftist cities

In the post-truth society the far-left is trying to create, there's no need for police because nothing will be considered a crime. Other than plastic straws or going to church, of course.

Small businesses, the backbone of America, have been hit hardest by double-whammy

Between the coronavirus lockdown and the riots, small businesses in cities across America are being decimated.

Riots will cause long-term hardships for African-Americans across the country

If Black lives truly mattered to the rioters, they wouldn't be destroying the future of Black communities across the nation.

Next up for anarchists: Bombs

They started with rioting, turned to looting, shifted to targeting law enforcement with violence, and now they're preparing to unleash bombings in the United States.

President Trump to deploy military to stop riots wherever necessary

The President delivered remarks and discussed his course of action in handling the riots. We broke down what he said and what it all means.

Black community leaders must take action to end these riots

There are ways that these riots can end, and the only one that would be truly peaceful is if Black community leaders take the lead.

Gullible rioters are doing the bidding of radical progressive ringleaders bent on destroying America

Meanwhile, mainstream media is trying to paint this as an effort by "right-wing white supremacists." Seriously.

5 reasons the lockdowns turned righteous protests of George Floyd’s murder into total anarchy

We've seen protests and riots following law enforcement officers killing Black men many times in the past, but we've never seen this level of anarchy as a result.

Why President Trump is right to sign an executive order against social media censorship

This should have happened long ago. We'll soon see if the government will finally hold social media companies like Twitter to account for their status as "platforms."

Twitter's attempts to 'fact check' President Trump will backfire spectacularly

They really think they're making an impact on the election by calling the President out. In reality, they're demonstrating once again how partisan they and most in Big Tech really are.

Post-Memorial Day narrative will determine our coronavirus lockdown future

Will the lockdowns continue to ease or will there be a resurgence of authoritarianism? What happens after Memorial Day will determine it.

5 reasons churches should reopen on May 31

The biggest reason is that they probably shouldn't have been closed in the first place, but we'll stipulate that as already happened and offer five other reasons to correct the issue now.

U.S. citizen Neal Sutz fights to get his kids back in Switzerland

His boys were taken from him by the Swiss government. Now, dual-citizen Neal Sutz is fighting back.

California shadow salons: How I finally got my hair cut on the black market

It's unfortunate that the simple and safe act of getting our hair cut in California turned into an experience akin to doing a drug deal.

Eisenhower warned us about people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates

Many are familiar with his discussion about the Military Industrial Complex. But it was later in the same speech that he discussed a problem we're seeing today.

Former Mayor of Shiloh David Rubin explains the current and future state of Israel's government

Israel finally has a coalition government, but the turmoil may not be over for Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.

Susan Rice’s inauguration day email to herself had one purpose: To hide the truth

Between the timing of the email and the newly declassified portion, it's clear Susan Rice was in "cover your ass" mode.

The left's war on Hydroxychloroquine is about to hit Ludicrous Speed

President Trump isn't just the Hydroxychloroquine President. He's also a client.

CNN's anti-Trump propaganda is getting worse, if you can believe it

Those of us who have been paying attention might find it hard to believe CNN is actually unhinging itself even further from reality, but as Chris Cillizza demonstrated, they are.

5 ways to fight tyranny in America today

Tyranny is around is. It's growing. It must be stopped. How? We'll explore that as we launch a brand new podcast, the "Non-Compliant America Podcast with JD Rucker." That's me.

Antibody tests showing coronavirus was here long before we realized

Some are believed to have been infected as early as December. It may have even been earlier than that.

Jason Rantz: The way Jay Inslee talks about the lockdown 'leans into the Big Brother aspect'

Jay Inslee's authoritarianism shines through in what he says and often how he acts.

The utter lunacy of waiting for a cure

The good ol' moving of the goalpost is in full swing from the left as many authoritarians are now pushing to keep the lockdown going until there's a cure for the coronavirus. Yes, a cure.

Dr Fauci, Kawasaki Syndrome, and H.R. 6666: How the left will drive their authoritarian future

They're all coming together at the right moment for leftists, which happens to be the wrong moment for America.

HR 6666, the TRACE Act, is as bad as it sounds and could actually become law

It sounds bad enough just saying the name out loud. The reality of the TRACE Act is even worse than the foreboding name implies.

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert should inspire all patriotic Americans

We don't give pre-primary endorsements often, but sometimes it's a no-brainer. Lauren Boebert's candidacy is a perfect example.

The Ilhan Omar scandal nobody’s talking about… yet

She did wrong. Then, she tried to cover it up. Now that she's been exposed, she's trying to pretend like she's the victim. Ilhan Omar is despicable.

Dr. David Samadi: Herd immunity will make coronavirus second wave less severe

Dr. Samadi has been correct every step of the way with the coronavirus crisis. Now, he's making a few predictions and offering recommendations on how to move forward on this episode of the NOQ Report.

San Francisco government delivering drugs, alcohol to homeless quarantined for coronavirus

They aren't trying to protect the homeless. They're trying to protect those who the homeless might run into while in search for their various vices.

Col. Rob Maness talks climate change, homeschooling, and opening America safely

Actually, he talked about a lot more than that, and it was enthralling.

How to prevent COVID-1984

This nation is entering the "dystopian novel" stage of our lockdown status.

Americans must blame government, not each other, for lockdown turmoil

Tensions are high. Let's direct our angst towards those who have caused this lockdown, not our fellow Americans who are going through it as well.

The conservative alternative to Drudge: An interview with The Liberty Daily's Matthew Burke

The Drudge Report has gone to the left. An alternative is available that stays true to conservative news aggregation.

Mr. Big Tech, who do you think you are? Coronavirus censorship runs rampant.

In this episode of the NOQ Report, JD and Tammy discuss Lori Lightfoot, meteors, the New World Order, and Big Tech censorship during the coronavirus crisis.

5 reasons to end the lockdown NOW

We need better arguments. Here are some.

What do Dr. Fauci, Roger Stone, and Stacey Abrams have in common?

An interview with National File's Patrick Howley.

The high road: How to properly demand the end of the lockdown

The righteous indignation of millions of Americans calling for the coronavirus lockdown to end should be channeled properly.

Congressional candidate Mike Detmer talks lockdown protests and America's future

Michigan's 8th congressional district—and the rest of America—needs to hear what Mike Detmer has to say.

It’s time to flatten the curve... on rising martial law

Just because some of the restrictions are being lifted doesn't mean we stop pushing back against the ones that remain.

Rep. Thomas Massie has a plan to prevent the coming food shortage

The PRIME Act is a start. It's also a model for other types of needed food legislation.

We MUST oppose the coronavirus surveillance state now

We can either comply like sheep or defend our rights like lions.

The Big Data grab: 'Contact tracing' being used as smokescreen for private data collection

One does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to realize this really cannot end well.

Lessons America MUST learn from the coronavirus crisis

A lot is happening during the coronavirus crisis. We're focused on now. But we must come out of this on the other end with certain lessons learned and certain deficiencies corrected.

Brit Hume makes the case that Joe Biden is senile

On this episode of the NOQ Report, we discussed how Biden could easily be replaced after-the-fact as well as before the convention. Whoever his VP pick is will be assumed by millions of Americans to be the actual president they'd be electing. Biden's future isn't looking good and being replaced by his Vice President should he win the election will be top of mind for voters.

VP Pence signals hope for opening up America with phase 1 soon

Good news from the White House. Naysayers among the left.

Shaming coronavirus lockdown protesters is petty hypocrisy

The coronavirus crisis has shut down the nation's economy. Now, protesters are out the trying to get government to open up the economy and let them get back to work. There are those who are chastising them as "selfish" or "idiots," but those doing the chastising likely aren't worried about whether or not they'll be able to feed their family tonight.

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